a most foot fuckable story


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Sep 15, 2009
it was just a typical Monday, when LaLa woke up to his alarm
LaLa decided to get up out of bed and take a walk across the street to the park that was across form his apartment
But first, he would have a cup of coffee
An hour or so had passed and he decided to go to the park.
What LaLa didn't know is that a mysterious man named Mr. Diamond was sitting on the bench, watching LaLa's apartment, waiting for LaLa to leave.
You see, Mr. Diamond was an expert in breaking into people's homes
He was so good at it that most of the time people didn't even know what happened
Anyway, LaLa crossed the street and went into the park
Mr. Diamond had a huge obsession with LaLa's feet as he did with most other men's feet as well
But there was something special about LaLa's feet
Everytime Mr. Diamond gazed upon them he acquired a huge erection and craved the taste and the scent of LaLa's pink, soft sole meat
Mr. Diamond also practiced cannibalism, so his mind would wonder to the thoughts of what it would be like to get LaLa's shoes and socks of him and to dig his teeth into LaLa's soles, and to eat the flesh of his soles raw and to taste LaLa's foot meat
LaLa was sitting in the sun on a bench, half asleep from being relaxed, taking in the strong rays of the sun that day
Mr. Diamond simply couldn't take it anymore, string intensely at LaLa's size 13 wide feet, bound tightly in sweaty, hot sneakers
You see, when Mr. Diamond would break into LaLa's apartment, the only thing he would do is pick up LaLa's dirty, worn socks and sniff them hard as he masturbated to the scent of LaLa's feet
SO he already knew what the soles of LaLa's feet would smell like
But he had to have that taste as well
He craved and yearned for the taste as well, so he decided that today was the day
He walked over to LaLa's bench and set next to him, struck up a conversation and said "My, isn't it a beautiful day we are having? Although it is quite hot and humid out." LaLa looked at Mr. Diamond and agreed and said "Oh yes, it is a very steamy day." Mr. Diamond looked down at LaLa's tightly laced shoes. LaLa noticed Mr. Diamond looking down at his feet. Mr Diamond then said "My, your feet must be sore and tired inside those hot and tight, sweaty shoes. You know, I'm a massage therapist and I live right over on the other side of the park. If you'd like, you can come home with me for a while, I'll throw a few burgers on the grill and we can have a light, quick lunch and then I can demonstrate my past talents of massage therapy on you. free of charge, of course." LaLa thought to himself "Wow, that sounds pretty good!" So he agreed. "Sure, why not. I'll go back to your home with you" Mr. Diamond said "Hey great! Wonderful" and they both got up and walked to Mr. Diamond's apartment.
Once they got there he ushered LaLa into his living room and said, "My home is your home. Why don't you take off those tight, sweaty shoes, put your feet up and relax"
LaLa liked this idea as his feet were quite sore.
Mr. Diamond went out to the patio and seared a few burgers and steaks on the grill. When they were done, LaLa eagerly dug into the food. LaLa, being of Asian decent, but not typical Asian looks, you see LaLa was an impressive, 6'4" tall and about 210 pounds with a size 13 foot, very wide. Mr. Diamond was so physically turned on by him. After LaLa ate, he became even more drowsy then he was before. Mr. Diamond said "Well, it appears we will have a nice, long friendship ahead of us. By the way, my first name is John, why don't you let me take those socks off you and give you one hell of a foot massage." LaLa said "Sure, why not"
John Diamond slowly peeled off LaLa's socks as they were thoroughly saturated with LaLa's foot sweat
He took one of LaLa's feet in his hands and started to massage in between the toes
LaLa quickly feel into a deep, deep sleep
While LaLa was in a deep sleep, Mr. Diamond slipped a paralytic pill under LaLa's tongue
A pill that makes the person's breathing slow down to almost nothing as to where they appear to be dead
Only the very best of Physicians can tell the difference, so LaLa became paralyzed, unable to move, speak or express himself in any way
When LaLa did come to, he knew what he was thinking but could not do anything but lie there and stare at the ceiling motionless. With enough effort and enough time that had gone by LaLa slowly positioned his gaze downwards as LaLa suddenly felt a very sharp, stabbing pain in the sole of his left foot
This is where he saw what he couldn't believe
John Diamond was slicing and cutting and peeling the flesh, muscle and skin all in one piece of the sole of LaLa's left foot
LaLa saw him remove the last part
It was the entire sole, minus the toes
LaLa thought to himself "Oh my God, what am I going to do. Somebody help me. Please God, help me, help me."
Then he felt Mr. Diamond pick up his other foot in his hand, but this time it was different
John Diamond was about to take the whole foot
John Diamond started sawing the foot off at the ankle bone with a small handsaw
Even though LaLa couldn't react until then drug wore off, tears were coming down LaLa's eyes from the extreme pain
LaLa thought to himself "My Feet! My big, beautiful manly feet. How the hell can I stand and escape now. I cannot. How do I get out of here? I can't. I am now 100% at John Diamond's mercy. John Diamond said " Don't worry, the effects of the drug will be wearing off soon and you see my dear friend, this is not really my apartment at all, but it does belong to a couple who have gone on vacation. I am a people watcher, I like to learn everything I can about people in the neighborhood. See LaLa, I knew everything about you before I targeted you to acquire your foot meat. See, I am a cannibal, with a male foot fetish and I cannot wait to savor and smell the exquisiteness of your men's feet." He then proceeded to take several large, chunky bites from LaLa's loose sole that he cut off and said to LaLa "You have no idea how good your foot tastes. Would you like to try some?" LaLa repulsed and horrified said "No! What are you going to do to me? Kill me next?" "Of course not, but I will take you and dump you off outside of the closest emergency room doors at the nearest hospital" LaLa said "What good will that do, I will never be able to walk again." John Diamond said "No, not necessarily true. They'll fix you up one way or another, just don't worry about it" At this point in time after tasting LaLa's sole meat and finally fulfilling his greatest sexual dream at the moment the desire became too strong and he could not help himself but to take the loose sole and wrap it in a flesh tube around his own penis and fuck the hell out of it. With the grill still being hot in the backyard from the steaks and burgers, he also could not resist roasting and grilling the whole foot that he had sawed off at the ankle
He then brought it in on a plate when it was done and devoured it in one sitting in front of shocked and horrified LaLa.

as you remember Mr. Diamond left LaLa at the backdoor of an emergency room at the hospital
LaLa has been working with the police department trying to identify Mr. Diamond and where he could be.
LaLa has so far told the police that Mr. Diamond lives within 5 miles of the park but did not know in which direction
He guessed that it was within 5 miles because it was only a short time before he got him to his apartment
It is now been two months since the attack on LaLa took place where MR. Diamond cut of LaLa's sole and the entire foot from the other leg
LaLa had to have the other foot amputated where he was missing his sole and has since had two prosthetics made for his legs
LaLa learned quickly how to walk with his fake feet
Local kids in the neighborhood jokingly called LaLa metalfoot
As I said earlier LaLa has been working with the police trying to apprehend Mr. Diamond
The police department may have an idea where Mr. Diamond lives and they are sending together an undercover operation to get him
They have arranged for an undercover policeman named Nick to sit in the park with his shoes and socks off and showing his sweaty, scrumptious bare soles for all to see
Mr. Diamond has taken notice of Nick's soles quite a few times
Mr. Diamond gets horny at the very idea of abducting Nick like he did to LaLa and doing the same thing to Nick's feet as he did to LaLa's
Mr. Diamond was apprehensive to approach Nick and invite him to his apartment
But he was slowly gaining the courage to do so
LaLa struggled with nightmares every day of the horrible ordeal that Mr. Diamond put him through with his precious feet
LaLa looks down in disgust at the metal implants that he must now depend on to walk on and get him around
LaLa misses his own soft, scrumptious feet and soles
He misses the sensation of the soles of his feet hitting the ground with each step
He misses the smell of his sweaty feet after an afternoon walk or run, after taking off his sneakers
Finally one day Nick the undercover police officer noticed an older man coming towards him on the bench
It was Mr. Diamond
Mr. Diamond could not contain himself any further
Nick, unaware that the person approaching him was Mr. Diamond, started to flex and bend his toes to make the pink, soft soles of his cop feet wrinkle and crinkle, like trying to entice a fish to bite a worm
Finally Mr. Diamond made his way to the bench, sat down next to police officer Nick and said to Nick "I've seen you walking out here barefoot a few times. Aren't you afraid that being in a public park you could step on a sharp stick or a broken piece of glass and harm one of the soles of your feet?" Nice said "No, actually I'm not. The soles of my feet are soft despite being quite thick skinned and leathery" Mr. Diamond wanted to badly to bury his face into the soles of Nick's feet. The joy of tasting, sniffing, fucking, sucking, worshipping and finally eating Officer Nick's soles
Officer Nick's soles were quite a lot bigger then LaLa's
Officer Nick was a tall, dark haired, muscular, half Asian, half German with size 14 feet that were very wide
Mr. Diamond said to Officer Nick "you know, I specialize in massage therapy. It must be rough for you to walk on your bare feet everyday. If you'd like, I don't live to far from here. You could always come over and I can give you a free foot massage." Right then and there Officer Nick just knew that this had to be the infamous Mr. Diamond.
Officer Nick then said that it would sure sound good and agreed to go with Mr. Diamond to his apartment
Mr. Diamond said "Hey, great. I could make you a bit of lunch and a cup of tea as well. Nice to meet you. I think we will become fast friends" Officer Nick knew he was hot on the trail and was convinced that this stranger was Mr. Diamond.
All he needed was a verbal confirmation
So he said "Hi, my name is Nick. I am one of your local homeless residents." Mr. Diamond said "Hi, my name is Mr. Diamond" Nick was foiled with joy that he was right there with the suspect.
He could not wait to set a trap for him and bring him in to have him arrested
So, they slowly started walking and making their way towards Mr. Diamonds apartment
Once they got there, they both went in and Mr. Diamond told Nick "Sit down and relax, and put your feet up" Nick did as he was told.
Mr. Diamond was having a huge hard on in his pants, just waiting to be stroked and to be made to cum grabbed a hold of Officer Nick's feet, gave Officer Nick the best damn foot massage he had ever experienced in his life
Mr. Diamond then went to get Officer Nick a cup of tea, in which he placed a paralytic drug, like the one he gave LaLa a few months earlier
Mr. Diamond then excused himself, and that he would go and prepare a sandwich for him for lunch
Nick then took the cup of tea, and emptied it in the dirt of a potted plant, next to the couch
Mr. Diamond then came back, sandwich in hand and Officer Nick pretended to have finished the tea, saying that it was a very good cup of tea, thank you
Mr. Diamond was pleased that this drug would be taking effect, or so he thought
He could not wait to get his hands and penis all over Nick's manly, meaty soles
What Nick didn't know is that Mr. Diamond took a secondary precaution and also hid a second small tablet of the paralytic drug between the meat of the sandwich that Mr. Diamond brought him
Suddenly Officer Nick felt weird and woozy and felt himself passing out on the couch, last thing saying to himself "Oh no. Damn it all"
About an hour later Nick came too, tied and strapped down to a chair and suffering the same effects where he could not move or speak as LaLa had months earlier
Mr. Diamond saw Nick was watching him, took out his large, engorged penis, lifted up Officer Nick's left foot and started banging away and fucking the sole of Nick's foot
It only took a matter of a few seconds and Mr. Diamond was spraying cum all over Officer Nick's soles of his feet
Screaming loudly and violently as he orgasmed
When he was done cumming, he went to a table behind Officer Nick and brought out his tray of tools
On this tray laid two small handsaws, three clean very sharp scalpels and a pairing knife
He said to Nick "Now just so that you are aware of what's going to happen to you. You are under the influence of a drug that keeps your breathing very shallow but does not allow you to move" He then grabbed a scalpel from his left side and started to cut off the big toe pad from underneath Nick's big toe
He then proceeded to put it into his mouth and started to chew it and savor it with Officer Nick's horror he couldn't believe that he was dumb enough to allow himself to be put into this position
At that point Mr. Diamond proceeded to swallow Nick's big toe meat
Nick looked on in horror and continued to observe with a small amount of tears running down his cheeks from the pain he had just gone through
Mr. Diamond then proceeded to cut off the entire sole meat from Nick's huge left foot
Nick said to himself in his own mind "Aaaaahhh, God help me. Can somebody please help me? I can't believe I was so stupid, stupid enough to let this happen to myself" At that point in time Completely unaware that his partner from the police station put a motion tracker into Nick's shirt pocket, kicked in the door to Mr. Diamond's apartment, took one look at Mr. Diamond devouring the ball pad and the sole of Nick's left foot and pulled his gun, aimed at Mr. Diamond's forehead and after Mr. Diamond's first bite and swallowing it blew him away.
Mr. Diamond fell to the floor, lifeless, still with pieces of Nick's fresh footmeat in his mouth and caught in between his teeth
At this point Nick started to regain his feelings and abilities
Nick just sad their stunned and totally amazed at what just all happened in the last five hours
About two weeks had now gone by, LaLa felt secure that Mr. Diamond now being dead, could now go on and live his life normally again
And Officer Nick still stunned and not quite understanding what Mr. Diamond got out from all this was focusing all on this way too much
Suddenly Officer Nick developed the most insatiable appetite, smacking his lips and moving his tongue around in his mouth, found himself needing to taste the soles of men's feet
Officer Nick's ordeal had a profound impact on his mind
Officer Nick made his way to the park, sat down on a bench with his big, bandaged sole which had been given massive skin grafts and said to a passerby "Hello Sir, my name is Nick Diamond. Would you like to come to my apartment for a free foot massage???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????"


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It's contagious, cannibalism is. Just a whiff of a stinky foot and you need a bite. Sole meat is meat for the soul.
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