A Meal to Remember, a story

Heavy Metal

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Apr 20, 2020
North Carolina
Hester had moved to New York to become a writer. From a small southern town, home schooled and brought up by extremely religious parents, the young man, in his mid-twenties, had always wanted to be a writer and escape the narrow confines of his home and family, so he sold his car and all that he owned and moved to New York City to finish the manuscript of a novel that he had been working on for several years. He worked on it for months, using the money he had saved and began to send out chapters to agents and editors without much luck. He was a very quiet and withdrawn person with no friends. In addition to writing fiction he journaled almost daily. It was in those journals that he began to explore an idea that soon became an obsession.

Hester was of slight build, 5 foot 8 inches and weighted 148 pounds, slender but well built with good muscle definition he had one outstanding attribute; his uncut penis measured twelve inches when erect and it was thick and prominently veined when hard, with a big shiny head, it was so large as to be all out of proportion to the rest of his body. It was so big he was embarrassed about it, especially in the locker room in high school and college. He hid and showered alone because he thought people would make fun of him. It was also unruly and would get erections for no reason at all, and out in public, he wore underwear that constrained it to keep it from being so obvious, but even with that it was hard to hide.

He had gone out with girls a few times but was still a virgin. His penis acted up when he was with a girl and it was embarrassing, always popping up at the worst time. After a while he stopped seeing girls because of the embarrassment. Thus, he became a chronic masturbator. He was obsessed with his penis to the point of objectifying it. He hated the power it held over him, he wanted it gone. It became something separate and apart from him, an object, an appendage that he barely had control over, it seemed to control him, and he didn’t like this arrangement. He decided that if he cut off his penis, he would finally be rid of the source of so much frustration and anxiety

Because of his slight build he was able to suck his own penis and he relished the taste and texture of the flesh as well as the taste of his cum. A writer with an active imagination, once he decided to cut off his penis, he soon began to fantasize about consuming his genitals and began to imagine different ways he could cook and eat them.

He also had very large balls that produced a lot of cum. When he masturbated, which was almost every night, it shot into his face if he was lying down, or into the mirror when he did it into his bathroom sink.

After thoroughly doing his research, he crystallized his plans and ordered shots of Novocain, a catheter, sterilized scalpels, and an elastrator with very small but strong rubber bands used in the castration of animals as well as some other things. When he had everything he needed, he chose a night. That night he stripped naked, shaved his pubic hair and his scrotum and took two 50 mg Viagra, then gave himself shots of Novocain around the base of his penis and under his scrotum. When he began to lose feeling in his penis, he put Vasoline on the catheter tube, without a valve, and inserted it into his urethra until it hit the bladder which quickly emptied into his kitchen sink.

The Viagra began to take effect and soon he had a raging hard on, fully twelve inches of thick veiny cock with its fat shiny head exposed from under the hood of his foreskin. He then took the elastrator, loaded a green rubber band and slipped it down as far as he could on the shaft of his penis. This took some work, as his cock was thick and long. Then he put another band on the elastrator and slipped it over his ball sack. He took some twine, used to tie the meat of a roast, and tied it just up the shaft of the penis from the green band.

The green band was to keep him from bleeding out and the twine was to keep the blood in the shaft of the penis after it was removed. He then stuck a long pin through the shaft of his dick just above the green band to keep it from slipping once he had cut it off.

He walked to the kitchen counter and laid all twelve inches of his fully engorged penis on a cutting board. He rubbed some olive oil into the purpling shaft with his fingers and could not feel it because it was numb. He looked at it as if it were a piece of meat, like a steak in the meat counter of a grocery store. He then took a scalpel out of its paper wrapping, watched its sharp blade glint in the light and lowered it to begin to cut into the oiled meat between the green rubber band and the twine; a thin line of blood emerged as he broke the skin and began to circle the shaft.

He was surprised how easy it was, and how little blood there was because of the band. It was a little like cutting a steak with a sharp steak knife. He was careful not to cut into the catheter. After several circuits around the shaft all the connecting tissue was cut and the penis came free and he slowly slid it up the catheter tube. There was very little blood, as the band kept the blood in, and the cooking twine kept the blood in the shaft of his severed penis. It looked alive, pink and glistening in his hand, but it was no longer a part of him. He had done it, something he had fantasized about for a very long time. He then cut the extra catheter tube and put the valve on the end of it.

He washed the cock in the sink to remove the blood and then fulfilled his next fantasy, he put it in his mouth and deep throated it. He had never deep throated a cock before and he took his time enjoying every minute of it, running his tongue over the velvety soft head, under the foreskin and probing the wide piss slit, then he licked the thickly ribbed surface of the cock shaft. He examined it from every angle, looked at the cut end with its three cylindrical chambers and marveled at its architecture. The veins bulged and the skin was tight and glistened in the light.

He reached for a needle, the size of a hat pin and stuck it into the cock just below the corona of the glans, it dimpled the flesh as he pushed it in, resisting then finally gave way and he pushed it all the way through the shaft of the penis tenting as it came out the other side with one dark red bead of blood. He had often wondered what it would feel like to do that to his living penis but didn’t have the courage to try it. Now he felt nothing as his cock was no longer attached to him.

Then he took a sharpened meat hook and inserted it into the piss slit. He had always wanted to get a cock piercing, a PA, but he was too chicken, now he could do it, so he pushed the sharp end of the hook through the urethra until the point tented just below the cock head and pierced the pink flesh and he held the cock up by the hook and took a picture of it hanging like a piece of meat hanging in a butcher’s shop.

After playing with his former cock and piercing it with the pin and meat hook he decided to try out some of his food fantasies. He pulled out the ice tray from the freezer and put the cock in the ice tray and covered it with ice cubes with just the head sticking out and took a picture of it with his cell phone. Then he pulled a hot dog bun out of the cabinet and put it in the bun, it was too big for the bun, so the head hung out, as did the cut end. It had a slight curve to it, like a banana. He then put ketchup and mustard on it to make a cock dog and took a picture.

Then he took it out of the bun and washed it off and peeled a banana and wrapped the peel around it with the head sticking out of it like a banana and took a picture with his phone. Then he got an ice pick, lay the cock on a cutting board and pushed the ice pick through the hole made by the meat hook and pinned it to the cutting board impaled by the ice pick and took another picture.

He was curious about what lay under the skin of the penis so he removed the ice pick and untied the twine, pinched the cut end of the cock, but not the skin, leaving it loose so he could peel it back. He rolled it up along the shaft of the penis to the head like peeling back a glove, the naked shaft under the skin was a bit bloody so he put it under the faucet in the sink to rinse it then the shaft looked whiter, revealing the muscle layer called the buck’s facia underneath the skin that keeps the cylinders of the corpus together. Along the underside of the penis where the urethra was located, the flesh looked purplish and was distinct from the rest of the shaft; both structures were also interwoven with veins and nerves. He then decided to put salt and meat tenderizer on the meat under the skin and peeled the skin back down and tied it at the end.

Then he got a metal skewer out of the drawer and pushed the pointed end of the skewer into the piss slit and down the urethra through the meat of the penis and out the cut end until it was completely skewered. Then he soaked the penis in vodka and lit one of the burners of the gas stove and held it over the open flame watching the flames engulf the cock and took a picture. He didn’t want to keep it in the flames for long because he had other plans for it. When he finished playing with his severed penis, he put it down on the cutting board.

He then grabbed his large testicles and stretched his scrotum out as far as he could and held it over the cutting board. The green elastrator band was tight against his body and constricted the neck of his scrotum down to the thickness of a pencil. He took a butcher knife and cut the scrotum just below the green band and held the bag of skin up in the light, testicles and all, watching the light shine through the thin skin of the scrotum. He tied twine around the neck of the bag of balls and began to juggle them like a hacky sack. After he had his fun playing with the bag of balls, he put the scrotum with its contents on the cutting board, untied the twine and squeezed out the two shiny testicles with cords attached and the epididymis clumped on top. He held the testicles up by the cords and looked at them. They were gray, slippery, and egg shaped as they glistened in the light for the first time, taken from the safety of the folds of his scrotum.

He had read that human testicles are a lot like sheep’s testicles and sheep’s testicles are a delicacy that are eaten out west and referred to a mountain oysters. The tenderest part of the testicle is the testis, which is surrounded by a muscle layer that protects it, but is very tough and not good to eat, so he got a sharp kitchen knife, cut off the cords and cut into the outer layer and pulled the tender core of the testis out, again with very little blood. He then cut the scrotum skin into strips like bacon and laid them out on the cutting board and took another picture.

After he had done everything he could imagine to his former manly parts he decided it was time to eat. He washed the testes and the cock shaft and put a large pot of water on the stove and turned the heat on high. When the water came to a rolling boil, he dropped the penis into the water to cook it just enough so that when he took off the roasting twine and put it on the grill the blood would be coagulated, and it would not bleed out. After a few minutes he scooped the cock out of the boiling water with a ladle and put it on the cutting board. It was steaming hot, no longer pink but gray, then he removed the roasting twine and rubbed the meat with olive oil and sprinkled it with chunky salt.

He wanted to be able to grill it on a charcoal grill, but he didn’t have a balcony in his tiny apartment, so he bought a cast iron griddle that he placed on two burners of his gas stove and started to heat it up. He then took the pot of water off the stove and put two frying pans on the stove, one with oil and stir-fry vegetables, and another with oil and seasonings

When the griddle was hot, he took a spatula and laid the long shaft of his former cock on the griddle and watched as it seared black lines into the underside of the meat. He pressed it down with the spatula and watched it sizzle on the hot black metal. He then picked it up with the spatula and turned it over, putting another set of grill marks on the other side of the shaft. Juices bubbled out of the piss slit and the cut end as the heat cooked the meat. He pressed down with the spatula and watched it sizzle, turning it several times until it turned a nice brown color. He took several photos as he cooked the cock.

At the same time, he put the testes in the stir-fry mix and cooked them until done. After he finished cooking the cock, he put the strips of scrotum with the spermatic cords in the frying pan with the oil and cooked them until they were crispy like bacon. When he finished cooking, he spooned the stir-fry mix onto a plate with the grilled cock and put the scrotum strips on a separate plate and took a picture of his meal. The shaft of the penis curled around the plate it was so long. Then he poured a glass of red wine and began to eat. He put some A-I steak sauce on the grilled cock then sliced off the head with a steak knife and cut it to two pieces, which he ate, dipping them in the sauce, then he speared the testes with his fork. He particularly savored the tender penis head and the testes. The shaft of the penis was savory but a little tough, as he sliced into it with a steak knife, but all in all he thoroughly enjoyed his meal.

After he finished this once in a lifetime meal, he washed up the dishes and pots and pans, and cleaned up the kitchen, putting any waste like the outer layer of the testicles down the disposal, leaving no evidence of what he had done.

He smiled as he looked through the photos on his cell phone of playing with and cooking his cock and balls, then he filled the claw foot bathtub in his bathroom with hot water. He lowered himself naked into the steaming tub; he closed his eyes and thought back to the wonderful meal he had just eaten. His memory of it would last a life-time. He ran his hand down his firm pectorals and across the ribbed muscles of his abdomen, down through the trail of dark hair that led from his belly button to the two red wounds, one with a short of piece of catheter protruding with a valve at the end, both held in place with thick rubber bands. He looked down at his empty crotch, once dominated by his massive cock and balls, looking so chaste and sexless, he opened the valve of the catheter and let a dribble of yellow urine leak into the tub, then closed it again. This tube would be his penis until he went to the hospital to be patched up.

After he took his bath and toweled off, he took a couple of pain pills then went to bed naked. He decided he would call a cab and go to the hospital in the morning, for now he wanted to have a nice long restful sleep so that he could fully savor what he had done. He was finally liberated from the domination of his cock and balls and would now be free to focus on his work without distraction. No telling what heights he could achieve in his career.