7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Coast of Turkey


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Oct 7, 2008

Search and rescue work is being conducted at a building in the Bayrakli district of Izmir after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Turkey's Aegean Sea coast on October 30, 2020.

A powerful earthquake has struck off Turkey's Aegean coast, north of the Greek island of Samos.
The 7.0 magnitude tremor was centred off Turkey's Izmir province, the US Geological Survey said.
Turkey put the magnitude of the quake at 6.6, saying at least 14 people had died and 120 were injured in the city of Izmir. About 20 buildings collapsed.
The shallow tremor is reported to have triggered a mini-tsunami that flooded Izmir and the Greek port of Samos.
The USGS said the quake - which was felt as far away as Athens and Istanbul - struck at a depth of 10km (six miles), although Turkish officials said it was 16km below ground.
Turkey and Greece both sit on fault lines and earthquakes are common.
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At least 20 buildings have been damaged in the Turkish city of Izmir, its mayor Tunc Soyer told CNN Turk.

Soyer said there were no reports of casualties as of now.

The quake struck 19 km north of Greece's Samos Island in the eastern Aegean Sea, according to the Athens Earthquake Institute.

Footage captures moment building collapses in İzmir​

Witnesses capture the moment a building falls in the city of Izmir.
İzmir governor, Yavuz Selim Köşger, said more than 70 people had been rescued from partially destroyed buildings so far.


CCTV during earthquake in Izmir,Turkey​


The death toll after Friday‘s earthquake in the Aegean Sea has risen to 110,

98 dead have been recovered in the Turkish city of Izmir. On the Greek island of Samos, just off the Turkish coast, two.

In Izmir, about a thousand people were injured, 147 of them are still in hospital. Five collapsed buildings are still looking for victims.
In Izmir, two girls were rescued from a collapsed building yesterday. 14-year-old Idil and 3-year-old Elif:

Almost 8000 people have been deployed for the aid. For people who cannot return to their homes, 3500 tents and 13,000 beds are available.

Friday’s earthquake had a force of 6.6. Over 1400 aftershocks have been counted.

Heavy earthquakes occur regularly in Turkey. In January of this year, 41 people died in an earthquake in Elazig. In eastern Turkey, more than 500 people died in 2011 in an earthquake in the city of Van.