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    Valentín Elizalde autopsy

    Valentín Elizalde (February 1, 1979–November 25, 2006) was a popular Mexican banda music singer gunned down in an ambush. His death is said to be related to Los Zetas, a mercenary force employed by the Gulf Cartel. Elizalde, his manager (and best friend) Mario Mendoza Grajeda, and driver Reynaldo Ballesteros were all gunned down in an ambush after a concert in the border city of Reynosa, across the border from McAllen, Texas in an apparent gangland style hit on Saturday, November 25. According to media reports, Elizalde was hit a total of 28 times. After his death, controversy ensued as his autopsy was videotaped and posted on video streaming sites. Two men were subsequently jailed for violation of human rights against Elizalde.

    Pic of him when he was alive:

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    Valentin Elizalde sings at his own autopsy Ay Ay Ay !!

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