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    England flooding: Fishlake residents left homeless for weeks

    Some residents in a flood-stricken village could be out of their homes for up to three weeks as efforts continue to make the area safe.

    Fishlake near Doncaster has been one of the worst hit with hundreds of people being forced to leave their properties.

    About 100 Army personnel are in South Yorkshire supporting the flood effort.

    The prime minister is visiting a flood-hit area to see the emergency response. But some onlookers shouted at him to say "you took your time Boris".
    Doncaster Council said every effort was being made to increase pumping so people could return home sooner.
    More widespread rain is forecast, with warnings in place for large parts of the country on Wednesday and Thursday.
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    Yes it has been bad down there. The flood started in Sheffield and worked its way down the Don, and it just doesn't seem to be receding around Fishlake - that area is flat and barely above sea level, even though it must be 30 miles/50 km from the open sea. Today is dry in most places, but as Meatpie says there is more heavy rain forecast for tomorrow and Friday with a fear that the rainband will come to a halt over just the area that is already flooded.
    Mabe it is time to give Fishlake back to the fishes!
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