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    My first attempt for caleb

    Caleb, my dear friend

    this is mostly for you
    I hope you like it
    I am an amateur story writer so please guys, be kind
    but I hope all of you tell me what you think of it

    sticky ricky

    manuel was restless one afternoon, manuel was very horny as well
    he was pacing his kitchen back and forth from the window to the stove
    back and forth, back and forth
    he was so horny he just knew that if he didn't do something about the thoughts and desires he was feeling he would go crazy and out of his mind
    today was the day that manuel would play
    so he picked up the phone and called his sadist son Ricky and said over the phone
    hey my handsome son, I have an adventure in mind for us
    why don't we meet at the park tonight where all the local gay guys hang out around 9 pm
    rick said why, do you feel like picking up a trick for a quick three way
    manuel said no, much, much more then that
    believe me rick you'll be shooting a mega load of sperm by the time we are through
    so rick met his sadist dad manuel at 9 pm sharp at the park where all the gay dudes met
    manuel said be patient now, I'm looking for just the ight one to take home with us
    we must not rush this
    remember my dear, we are the killers and he is the prey
    so they sat and waited and watched with hard cocks waiting to relieve themselves so badly
    and suddenly it was around 11:30 PM
    they had both been there for almost three hours and out of the blue a thirty something year old guy with black curly hair, blue eyes and a black beard with a swimmers build showed up, walked around the corner, passed up manuel and ricky and manuel whispered to rick, he's the one
    so rick uses his old magic on the guy
    rick walked up to him and started to flirt with him wildly
    rick got on his knees and told the man that he reminded him of his ex and that he just had to suck his cock
    he slowly unzipped the victim's jeans, took his entire soft cock into his mouth and within seconds it grew to an impressive 9 inch dick
    the dark curly haired man's name was Michael
    Michael said wow, omg, you got me so wound up and horny
    you're so beautiful
    we need to go back to your place so I can blow my load down your throat
    ricky got up quickly and said of course
    ricky asked Michael, do you believe at love at first sight?
    Michael said as a matter of fact I do
    ricky said there's just one thing, that older guy back there on the bench, he's my partner
    are you up for a three way?
    the victim said sure, why not
    little did he know what ricky and manuel all had in store for him that evening
    so they all got into manuel's car and ricky said let's play a game mike
    let me put this hood over your head
    mike the victim said hey, I don't know if I am all into this
    this is kinda freaky and seems a little unsafe to me
    ricky said please and begged him with his blue eyes to do so
    the victim looked at rick and said well, I suppose I would do it for you
    but be prepared, i'm going to blow a huge load down your throat ricky
    all three men in the car were rock hard and emitting male sweat hormones like a bunch of horny college guys
    they finally made it back to manuel's mansion
    led the victim mike into the basement and suddenly from behind WHACK. SLAM. BAM.
    manuel took a large vase and slammed it across the back of the victim's head
    ricky saw the man fall to the ground
    manuel said we must not waste time
    ricky removed the victim's hood
    there was no doubt he was out cold for the next hours
    but just to be sure they put a sleeping pill under his tongue so it would dissolve slowly into his bloodstream and keep him knocked out for a good long hours
    manuel and rick violently and savagely ripped off the man's clothing, shoes and underwear
    laid him on a table, naked and strapped him down tightly
    rick immediately went to work
    he took one of manuel's torture tools and made a 4 inch cut on the sole of the victim's left foot and fashioned a fuck pocket made of flesh
    ricky could not stand it anymore so he grabbed that foot which had a musky, earthy, dirt, mushroomy type of odor and he started gnawing and sucking at the foot
    and started drinking some of the blood coming from the foot from where the fuck pocket was fashioned
    after about thirty minutes of euphoria and bliss ricky shoved his cock deep inside the left sole of the victim's foot
    it felt like he was sliding his penis into a tight, container full of raw chicken and beef, fat and slime
    he violently thrust his hips up and down in the fuck motion firmly holding his dick against the victim's sole
    in and out, in and out, in and out
    suddenly it felt as of the head of his dick would split open
    rick was at the point of no return so his penis erupted a geyser amount of cum inside of the victim's sole
    rick then took a needle and thread
    the type that a autopsy person would use and sown the sole shut with his sperm inside the man's foot forever
    rick then took the victim by the other foot
    took a sharp scalpel from the tray of sharp torture instruments to his left and started to cut off the entire sole of the victim's right foot
    halfway through the victim suddenly awoke
    gagged and bound tightly, his wildly examined what was going on as he tried to struggle and make sense out of the situation he found himself in
    realizing his feet were mutilated and that he could go nowhere rick removed the gag and mike the victim said angrily what the fuck did you do to my feet you son of a bitch
    what the fuck did you do to my feet?
    rick eagerly told him what he did and picked up the sole meat
    the entire ball pad of the victim's right foot was brought up to his face and said see, this is what I did
    the victim looked in horror, realizing that he would no longer be able to walk on them
    the very feet that had taken him through every step of his life now just laying there at the end of his legs like two processed cans of minced dog food
    useless, worthless footmeat no longer usable or weightt sustainable
    just worthless feet meat
    but rick found them anything but worthless
    manuel was seething with hormones and finally said ok, my turn
    he could not contain his lust for the evil dark side of himself any longer
    he says well, looks like my son did one hell of a number on your feet
    now I am going to do the same to your scrotum and penis
    the victim shouted no, please, let me go
    take me in the car and dump me back at the park, I don't care
    I can get skin grafts on my feet
    I won't say a word to nobody, please don't kill me
    manuel looked at him with a grin and said nothing
    suddenly manuel grabbed the guy and took a sharp scalpel to the guy's pee hole
    the guy screamed in horror and pain as manuel handcrafted his piss hole twice the size of what it was
    the victim said oh my god, you're going to kill me aren't you?
    manuel had a grin of evil on his face, but also a grin of profound lust and primal horniness as well
    and manuel simply shock his head yes
    the victim screamed and pleaded and begged
    manuel slapped him across the face several times
    he then took a pair of pliers and started squeezing the hard head of the victim's penis
    he then took the hot cigarette that he had been puffing on and burned the victim's ball sack and the underside of the victim's penis shaft
    the victim squirmed in pain
    manuel proceeded to take a sharp knife, grabbed the victim by the hair and with one swift motion cut off the victim's 9 inch rod
    at the very moment the victim started to cum, but instead of cumming from an erect penis, the cum was shooting out of a hole that laid flush with the pubic area of where the dick was once attached
    the victim's orgasm must have been pretty intense because the man came like no one has ever seen another man cum before
    it kept going, and going, and going
    manuel and ricky looked like two children on a hot summer day
    taking turns at a water fountain
    sucking down the mixture of sperm and blood from their gorgeous victim's urethra tube
    manuel said enough is enough
    we must put this man out of his misery
    so he got behind the victim, wrapped his strong hands around his throat and chocked the life out of him
    and didn't stop until he saw the victim's tongue protruding from his lips
    blue, and unresponsive
    they then dragged the victim over to another table, proceeded to take out a chainsaw and cut up the victim
    packaged the meat in butcher's paper and stuck it into a deep freeze in the freezer bin that manuel had in the basement
    needless to say they both had enough meat to sustain for at least two months
    my cock exists for male feet/soles!!!

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    Oh, Ricky! That was super! Thank you. Now I'll invite you over and prepare a delicious dinner. We'll open my freezer and pull out the two size-18 feet I've been saving just for you. Mmmmmmm.
    Flesh and Blood:
    Organic and Natural.
    Nutritious and Tasty.

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    size 18 feet, WOW...………. sounds like u nabbed one of our Bucks basketball players!
    my cock exists for male feet/soles!!!

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    Don't know if he played basketball, but he was definitely a fine young buck. And now dwells in my freezer.
    Flesh and Blood:
    Organic and Natural.
    Nutritious and Tasty.

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    sounds delicious
    my cock exists for male feet/soles!!!

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    great story!!

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