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    New free online powerful Translator based of artificial intelligence: Deep Learning

    I know it: off-topic, I would have posted it under the forum topic "off-topic" there, too, because here you expected links to guys who are dead - on the other hand too important for those members whose native language is not English:

    My mother tongue is German, an extraordinarily flexible language, but unlike to the accurate English, where every new word is reinvented, in German we simply put two words together and that makes a new logical sense - extremely flexible, fast and simple but gives large words ;) - with English I always found it hard.

    Below is a link to a free online translation software that translates based on the latest artificial intelligence: Not 1:1 word for word translation, like e.g. Google Translator, but actually it can recognize the words and sentences translated according you wrote and translates the content according to the logical conclusion, by one of the newest and best translation software which currently exists: This new AI has learned in only hours about a dozen languages, and can translate them more accurately, precisely and analogically than any human could or existing software could.

    Try it out! It's completly free!
    One click to the word shows synonyms, or examples, and with each of your corrections what sounds better, artificial intelligence learns in a flash more to do it better, actually incredible...
    ..and you can translate also entire Word documents.

    The link: Deep Learning translation:

    Note: this text was written in German and translated with this artificial intelligence without any human correction.


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    Thank You for the tip! I like on-line translators, they remove a bit of the borders our languages are putting in our way to freedom.

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    Thank you very much, now I can translate some texts into english to understand. Google has also improved their translation, but it's not always enough.
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