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    I was in my room relaxing, trying to take the day’s stress out of my 26 year old system. Suddenly my new uptight boyfriend, Matthew, came home from a formal party in one of his drunken rages. In a jealous rant, he furiously accused me of cheating on him with another man. I tried to assure him of my innocence and calm him down. But he pulled out a knife and repeatedly jabbed it at me. Frightened and confused I reached in the bedside drawer and pulled out my revolver. Taking aim, I shot him twice in the chest.

    He dropped like a stone. Blood started to show on his white tuxedo shirt. While he lay dying I threw some old newspapers on the floor to keep the light gray carpet from staining.

    “You always were a pig!”

    Opening his shirt, I tried to stop the blood flowing from his flat muscled pecs. Grabbing one of his favorite Turkish towels, I staunched it. I pulled out a large leaf bag and laid it next to him. Wiping away the blood with more towels, I tossed the saturated ones onto the plastic. Then, rolled the beefy ex-Marine’s body on it too.

    I carried it all to the bed and laid him there. Lying beside him while he was gasping his last breaths, I couldn’t resist stoking his miraculously bulging crotch. The jerking hips smashed his swelling cock against my hand. I left it there as long as he moved. When Matt finally stilled, I rocked his head back and forth for a time, his eyes staring at the ceiling, his mouth opened. I pulled out the moist tongue, it just stayed out. It tasted as good as always.

    I had to figure out the best way to handle this. Should I call the cops and claim self-defense? That was the truth. It seemed like the right thing. The knife with his prints on it was there on the floor.

    But I knew that wasn’t the BEST way.

    I’d asked him to model his beautiful body for my camera. But he belittled my work and dismissed me like an menial. When I asked him originally I hadn’t planned on porn. But now that he was lifeless and wholly submissive, I began a special project he would have refused.

    There was something very erotic about the flat thuds Matt’s ass and head made hitting the floor when I dragged his corpse off the bed. While on the plastic I removed the clothes. I threw the unknotted bow tie into a corner. The tux shirt and cummerbund went with the bloody towels. I relished unbuttoning the tight waist and wrenching the pants down his hips and past the butt cheeks. The soft, transparent, white poly boxers showed his fat, tumescent but not stiff dick clearly. It should be more fun to play with now than when he was alive. Drawing the pants legs past the gartered calves I slipped them over the dress socks and shoes.

    I was so hypnotized with the power of unhindered undressing that I forgot the shoes. Caressing the knees and sensitive hollow behind them I released and tossed aside the garters. I breathed in the aroma of freshly polished leather even before easing the pumps off the broad muscular feet. The high black dress socks had to be carefully rolled down a just little bit at a time going back and forth between the left and right legs . . . . to keep them symmetrical. When they were at the ankles where the leg hair ended, I snatched them over the bare feet. They left the scent of sweat mixed with new leather in the air. Freed, the toes seemed to wobble with delight.

    Then my right hand was irresistibly drawn to the boxers. Wrapping it around the slick poly covered dick, my own dick surged eagerly. Reaching into the slit, his pubic hair tickled the finger tips. It encouraged them to explore along the base of the cock and around to the wrinkly bag of skin mounted below. The boxers were loose enough to let me joggle and squeeze everything, especially those balls.

    “Thanks Matt for being dead, you were never this cooperative when you were alive. Exploring your junk this way is so much hotter than while you were grousing.”

    The circumcised penis was not flaccid, but filled and fat and playfully bouncy. It demanded that my hand pull it out and flap it wildly . . . . even insisting that it slap my face. But I was spending too much time here, there was so much more I wanted to do. I did have time though to take a deep breath and admire the way the general and two colonels jiggled with the jerking and pulling needed to get off the lightly stained underpants.

    I confess. I had to stop and give that luscious dangler a good licking. My sucking even pulled out a bit of sticky milky stuff! Didn’t taste bad either.

    “Clean up time!”

    First I had to plug those bullet holes. Blood stained clothes and bedding would destroy the fantasies of the photo set ups. Remembering the trouble Matt had with Super Glue bonding the skin of his fingers when he tried to use it, I dug some out. I needed some sort of filler, especially since the rear exit holes were larger than the chest entries. Cutting up some one of his teasing, flesh—colored bikinis I got the right colored, stretchy material I needed. Mixed with Super Glue, the material was stuffed into the wounds for quick sealing.

    “Since you’re naked, I might as well shuck my duds too. Thanks for letting me shower with you at last.”

    We struggled into the shower. He was more than a handful. I was glad Matt still had his wasp waist because those bulky pecs, arms, and thighs didn’t give me much else I could easily wrap my hands around. For a 30 year old, he was very well put together. I had to squeeze to get us both into the stall. Then I was able to get him into a kneeling position, facing the nozzle. He leaned forward, face into the knobs. That position let me massage the belly to empty the bladder into the drain. It was good too to start shampooing his hair but more importantly let me scrub the blood from his back and the shit from between his hairy butt cheeks.

    Banging his head back to the opposite wall, I rinsed the hair and washed his handsome face. It was elongated with softly curled black hair, rich green eyes, broad mouth with perfect teeth, cheeks with a soft pink blush, salmon pink lips, and short scruffy dark full beard and mustache. Tiny droplets clung to his delicate eyelashes. All that got the kisses it deserved. And, Matt didn’t mind my stiff cock kneading his belly while I worked. Farther down, I soaped away the blood that was drying on the chest and belly hair. The hard rust-colored nipples needed special scouring and a finishing tongue massage. I turned the shower on full blast to rinse and chuck the genitals around. Watching those babies bobble was making the whole venture worthwhile. Dragging Matt partially out of the shower, I finished cleaning and rinsing the legs and feet.

    Then I started drying us off . . . . Matt was entertainingly intimate but no help at all. Using what was left of the clean towels, it was quick job. It was a turn on to see him flat on his back on the floor with hairy legs in the air while I rubbed them up and down. A fast blow dry for the tousled hair and, of course, a careful blow dry for that dark bush in his crotch.

    As I hauled my stud to his bed, I planned the photo program. I flopped him down so the legs hung over the edge of the mattress. He was ready for easy dressing. I went to my secret stash of fantasy underwear. It’s a carefully curated collection accumulated for years. Matt would never have given me the pleasure of wearing any of it. But now . . . .

    “Let’s start with a little leather honey, but something not too heavy duty.”

    I pulled out an black gloss leather singlet: flat band low around the neck; single 2” band from the Adam’s Apple to the crotch; snug pouch attached to low slung waistband; jock strap style bands around the outside of the bubble butt cheeks and connecting under to the pouch. It would show off that hot naked rounded butt really well. I wasn’t sure whether to fit the neck or the waist first. So I started with the neck, thinking it would be more interesting to bend Matt at the middle, bringing the feet up to his head. Quite flexible, he didn’t have any problem with my doing it. I did have to stop and finger his rust colored asshole and fuzzy crack while he was ‘arse over tittle’. My plan worked, everything slipped on perfectly. Except for the crotch pouch. The fat penis just couldn’t fit inside. So I left the head out to let it breathe.

    Enough dressing indulgence, time for fotos.

    Propping pillows against the headboard, I slid Matt into a sitting position. Encouraging him to tease me, I slipped his left hand into the pouch and the right under the chest strap to balance on the left nipple. Click. Then the thumb behind the glans. Click. He needed at bit more cockiness so I angled a soft leather biker’s cap on his head. Managing to close one eye in a seductive wink, he was ready for more. Click. Click . . . and dozens more.

    “You’re so seductive, I’m gonna take you up on your proposition and fuck your asshole until you get a smile on that dead face.”

    He was just too hot to resist. Still warm and very pliable I heaved him to the edge of the bed. On his back with legs in the air I jabbed my throbbing cock into his furry star. A little bit of spit and the soft shit made it so easy and smooth through that relaxed portal. The wiry hairs between the buns tickled my balls. He never liked my getting rough, but there was no way he could stop me now. I shuddered and moaned as I exploded into his yielding, lurching body. The sound he let out as I made my last powerful thrust into his body seemed to be a moan of pleasure.

    Now the stretched sphincter dribbled. Shredded newspaper from the bottom of the hamster cage made a handy and adequate plug. Matt smiled peacefully as I bunched it in.

    Satisfied, gratified, and a bit dizzy, I pulled on my gray sweats as I devised some nude poses. I wanted to take advantage of him while he was still very flexible. Ripping off the leather strapwork, the clean sculpted lines of the body were again clearly visible. I pulled back the silver bedspread to uncover white bedding.

    “Note to self – be sure to take black and white as well as color shots now.”

    I stretched him out to his full 6’1” length against the gleaming white sheets; flat on his back for a beginning. His cock obligingly let me set it against his belly, the over the balls, and to the left and right. I managed to close his other eye, remembering I needed to open them both soon since they were starting to fix. Angelically asleep, he was ready for the camera. Then the mouth was opened for a perfect yawn. Matt even let me stretch out his arms to go along with it. With eyes now dreamily open, Matt reclined on his left side with his cock and balls resting on the rumpled bedding next to him. Then, the jewels under the bedding for a coy look from his almost hidden face. Bending the right knee and elbow made him look like he was caressing the gathered comforter. The shot from his feet along the full length of the dead body was the sexiest view of Matt I’d ever had. Adding more lighting cast sculpting shadows on and around his perfect masculinity. These were spot-on records of an incredibly beautiful male. I even caught the subtle hair thinning from the thighs into the hollow on the side of his butt cheek. Click … Click …. Click … Lots of pics from all angles included creative closeups.

    We spent another hour or so together with the camera. Matt showed no sign of resistance, unconcernedly trying on a variety of underwear styles and colors then posturing shamelessly. We almost filled the digital card. He was slowly cooling and beginning to firm up.

    “You claimed you could still fit in your Marine uniform. Let’s try it on for a formal pose.”

    Since I didn’t know what the official underwear was I wryly improvised. He looked heroic in the sports brief decorated with red and white stripes that had little blue stars scattered over them. A matching athletic shirt completed the outfit. The shirt was a little short so the top of his dark hairy pubes sprang out indifferently.

    “You may not be authentic, but you’re sure patriotic. Like this, you’d get lots of salutes.”

    Flat on his back, I began to dress him in his Marine formal uniform. Fortunately all the components had been kept cleaned, pressed, and polished. The black socks were fun to pull on. The navy trousers slipped up easily to the knees, but his recent workouts had built up the thighs and hips to a size that made the pant legs very tight. They made for a pleasant struggle. But the waist fit perfectly. Flipping Matt on his stomach, the arms were inched into the coat sleeves up to the armpits. Then I turned him on his back and began adjusting the shoulders and front panels. It was nice of him to hug me when I sat him up to flatten and arrange the back of the coat. He even brushed his lips against mine. After lowering him, I had to stop and raise his arms into a biceps bulge pose for the camera. The ‘flag’ undershirt peeked out just the right amount against the open black-blue coat with red trim. Matt’s workouts had increased his neck and shoulders so much that I could barely close the shiny brass buttons.

    “Hey don’t worry, you don’t need to breathe and your face won’t turn red,” slapping his cheek.

    Hoping the top buttons would not pop open, I continued closing them down his chest. The white chinch belt still fit as it had originally. I slid the sweet smelling oxfords on his feet and tied the laces. His hat lay beside him.

    “You look as dashing as ever Matthew. You know I can’t resist a man in a uniform.”

    It was time to indulge in another fantasy. Dropping my sweat pants, I folded aside the bottom flaps of his jacket and opened the pants zipper. Lying on top of him, I shoved my hot rod into his mouth and then munched his dick into mine. It was a real military sixty-nine salute. I blew a load into him so hard that some my jizz came out of his nostrils. I sucked and sucked and sucked him but I couldn’t draw any cum from his unobliging prick. I couldn’t understand why, he always squirted generously when I blew him before. His balls were up and felt full and juicy too.

    With a little finagling I finally stood the hunky Marine against the wall for pictures. I straightened and closed the uniform. He posed with and without his hat and in difference stages of dress and undress. I really liked the one with his dick sticking through the coat flaps. Click! Click! . . . .

    “What memories we’re making Matthew.”

    I knew he still had to be full of cum. But, how to get it out. Maybe if the prostate and balls were above the cock, gravity would be on my side. After hauling him into the walk-in closet, I tied his shod feet together. With a rope I was able to tug them up to the upper clothes rod. Since the coat fell away naturally over the tight belt, it was easy to open the zipper and push the undies up from the crotch. I had to make sure his nuts were hanging loose, not squashed between the thighs. Hoping my idea would work, I started fiercely sucking the fat penis. Since the body swayed, I had to grab his ass and push his crotch into my face as well. (As if that were anything to complain about!) Simultaneously, I yanked the balls up and rubbed and pushed hard just below the base of the cock, hoping that might relax the sperm laden tubes and the bulb muscle. Then I began to feel heavy liquid in my mouth and knew it was working. Matt drooled and oozed until my mouth seemed full. As I pulled away, the cum continued to seep on my face. Swallowing, I went back to work until I’d milked him of his final man cream.

    I took a few minutes to gloat over my success and pull his short hairs from between my teeth. What an evening it’d been, definitely the best Matt and I’d ever had.

    I certainly couldn’t call the cops now. So I pulled on fresh sweats and Matt’s new Crockett pro 2 Vans while devising a plan to get Mr. Matt out of my life. I’d take him to our secret spot in the woods where we wouldn’t be seen late at night. Quickly stripping off the uniform, I redressed him in the blood stained clothes so they wouldn’t be found at my place. I would be just another innocent collateral victim of Matt’s murder. I laid plastic over the back seat of the car, then put the body, covered with a blanket as if sleeping, on it. I also took my camera and for some reason my reloaded gun.


    Developed from: “A Story I Made …. HOOT” codymyself, CDG, March 2010.

    Many thanks to readers who encourage me. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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    Matt's photogenic undies.

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    Great story as usual. Thanks for your hard working.

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    Great story, voted "excellent" and eagerly waiting for the next part

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    Thanks for the good words and encouragement. More to cumm . . . . . .

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    PART 2

    Distracted by sexual exhaustion and the risk of the situation, I didn’t realize until too late that I’d driven through a stop sign on the lonely road. Lights flashing in the rear view mirror let me know that I had been noticed. I looked to see if there were two officers or only one in the car following. Only one, probably a fat old nasty cop. I expected I would have to shoot him and leave him on the roadside. I pulled over and he stopped behind me. Imagine my surprise when he turned out to be a handsome young officer with blond hair and dark blue-gray eyes. I shot him before he could even look inside my car. It was perfect, right in the middle of the forehead. Luckily there would be very little blood to deal with. I ran to turn off the cop car’s lights and pull out the dashcam. Then I tossed him into my backseat, on top of Matt. I arranged them as if they were cuddling. Smile for the camera! Click … Click … Click …

    Now I had the enviable responsibility of two hot dead young dudes in my car. My imagination churned into overdrive.

    I continued to the secluded meadow where my boyfriend and I went to fuck outdoors. Once there, I joined the guys in the backseat. On inspection, the officer’s ID said that he was Lt. John Spencer, 28 years old. He also carried a picture of his girlfriend.

    “This is gonna be one fine party,” I contentedly murmured.

    I sat between my lover and my new straight cop, pressing them against my chest. I rubbed my cop’s crotch then licked the bulge in his pants. It was so tasty, with a mix of fresh cum and urine. The aromas of freshly laundered cotton, acrid piss, and sweet semen mingled in air. I shoved Matthew aside to get some quality time with John. It was OK with Matt, who just stared at us blankly with his cute unfocused eyes.

    Clad in his navy pants and shirt with black socks and black patent leather shoes Lt. Spencer was an astonishing addition to what had become my uniform fetish evening. I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

    “A marine and a cop in one night!”

    I began by kissing John’s pink lips while staring into his unseeing, misfocused eyes.

    “ You lawmen are so uninhibited when you’re dead,” I whispered into his unhearing ear.

    Then I chewed and sucked his earlobe. It tasted of sweet sweat. Nuzzling the back of his neck, I opened the top buttons of the shirt to reach inside. There were only a few soft hairs on the chest, but his nipples were unusually long and hard with large nubs around the areole. The outline of pec was clear and sharp. As I slide down to the belly, his tiny soft hairs continued to tickle me. John had an ‘innie’ that took diddling so tamely.

    “I don’t think anyone could ever understand how much I enjoy groping around inside a dead guy’s clothes,” I sighed to him.

    Pulling out my hand, I took a deep breath and eased underneath the black leather belt. John remained unconcerned. Rubbing my cheeks against his chin stubble, I dreamily swirled belly hairs until I ran into a wide elastic band. Reaching a bit farther, I encountered a hard cock inside an elasticized pouch. John much have expected a lively evening to put on an athletic supporter. Entranced I appropriated more than a few gropes.

    “No wonder you had such a low solid bulge in your pants. This thing is suppressing your enthusiasm.”

    Creeping my fingers farther into the skintight undergarment, I found balls flattened against his body and tight strips digging into the ass cheeks. Wrenching John upright on the seat I opened the waist and pulled down the zipper. There it was, a CAMO jock strap. Well, that added to the uniform theme quite nicely. I wondered how he knew it would be the right gear for this party. As I leaned in to admire how it arranged his equipment, he began to topple over behind me and grab onto Matt.

    “Down tiger, there’ll plenty of time for that soon.”

    I wanted to warm his hands inside my crotch. I stuffed the right in first, then the left. The callouses on the palms tingled the whole length of my cock as I drew them back and forth. His longish neatly trimmed nails almost tickled me into orgasm. John let me guide the hands to squeeze my throbbing dick at just the right spots. I stopped only because I had bigger plans for later. He managed to catch his left hand on the zipper, so I had to yank it for him. We were both clearly ready for a three some.

    Fortunately it was a mild evening with a clear sky and full moon. Pulling Matt onto the grass, I knew he’d obligingly wait his turn. John though seemed eager to catch up with the action. I hitched John’s shoulders over my arms and pulled him alongside Matt. I let them hold hands for a bit while I decided how to savor these super masculine treasures. Out here on the fresh clean grass we could truly be our animal selves. We were children of nature prepared to indulge in nature’s greatest gift . . . . sex.

    Lust propelled me into my most memorable night of all.

    As they lay side by side on their backs, I pulled off my sweats and positioned myself face down between them. Their tongues out and pants loosened, we were ready for our first game. I slithered my hands into their underwear while sucking their tongues alternately. My smooth cheeks felt so, so good against the scruffy beard and unshaved chin of my dead playmates.

    While the penises were both frisky, John’s began to get wetter. Peeking into the jock, I could see there was more cum discharge. I moved my slippery hand from John’s to Matt’s crotch. Both seemed happy with the idea. Because he had been so good, I gave Matt a taste of John’s jock gravy.

    I posed them together for romantic moonlight photos. John propped his hands on Matt’s tight waist while they kissed. They groped each other’s crotches. John rolled on Matt, who then slipped his hand onto John’s perfect ass. The jock strap helped steady Matt’s hand as he fingered John’s asshole. Then they did a 69, with cocks in mouths and with cocks resting on lips. They became more uninhibited as they became better acquainted. Without objection, they toiled to please my camera. Click! … Click! … Click! . . .

    “Glad there’s a bright, bright moon tonight!”

    I wanted to see what my cop toy looked like naked. With the shirt pulled off, he didn’t have Matt’s V shaped torso but rather one of those tight, well-muscled almost rectangular bodies. The delicate light blond body hair glowed in the moonlight. Pulling the pants and jock down to the knees, he revealed a wide patch of long, pale pubic hair reaching from his navel to 3 or 4 inches down the inside of the thighs. It was a monstrously beautiful mat. I drove my face into it like a dog when it finds a stinky patch of grass.

    Drawing back a bit, I marveled at the imprints the jock had left on Jon’s flesh. The tight wide waistband was clearly visible in its woven detail. I could almost read the maker’s label. The imprint color was dark pink, as it would be in life. John hadn’t been dead long enough for livor mortis to set in, changing creamy skin to purple and pressure points on the skin to pale tints. I ran the palms of my hands around the band marks, absorbing the subtle pressure of the woven elastic traces. Running my hands around his tight hips sent shock waves to my primal urges. Jabbing my forefinger into the deeper furrows of the straps that had bound the ass cheeks, I followed the tracks around solid, but wobbly yielding buns. Reaching the crotch join of straps and supportive basket, I wormed along to tickle the base of the scrotum. His numb nuts were treated the same, followed by squeezing that intensified with every squash. Grabbing a cheek in each hand, I cuddled and massaged in sublime reverie. Aroused, I pushed my face back into the long silky pubic hair. My tongue searched for the imprint of the elastic yarns on the dick. Once found, I savored comparing the feeling on my tongue of the jock-sack textured and smooth skin on the engorged member.

    John’s stiff uncircumcised cock kept barging into my face, wanting more attention. Being polite, I began to stroke it, being sure to slide the foreskin back and forth as much as the 9” stiffened tissue would allow. His light complexion showed how much blood there was left inside . . . . it was satisfactorily dark rose. As I worked John’s dick, more and more oozing came from the glans. I nibbled around the edge of the head paying special attention to those sharp little spurs. John’s draining speeded up as death’s relaxations continued. Turning to aggressive sucking, I wondered if he could actually shoot a load. Hoping to further relax the prostate, I began to knead around the dick. After an extremely long slurp from base to cock head, the seeping hastened. The cum seemed to fill my mouth. It must have been a long time since his prick got that much attention.

    “Looks like your girlfriend wasn’t doing you much good.”

    I continued until he yielded the very last drop of his ultimate load.

    “Well John, your sperm count is now zero,” I told him, licking the head and balls for the last gobs.

    John’s treat was a taste of me. His mouth stretched so wide that it took my dick and balls. His beautiful teeth tickled my sack and caught the hairs. I was so chokingly deep in his throat that I feared I might get stuck. With an orifice like that he should have been gay. His spit lubed me perfectly. As thanks, I dick-polished his teeth with my fresh pre-cum, managing to hold back for a grand climax.

    Matt had begun to stiffen into a sitting position that provided a promising experience. When I plopped him ass up with his face in the grass, the pants and shorts were easily drawn to the knees. Spreading his ass I fed my stiffie into his hole. It felt cold now and harder. The strangeness excited me with old memories. It was like my early teens when I would fuck anything, including melons. Remembering the rasping and inelasticity almost drove me into orgasm. Matt still knew how to turn me on. Again I held back.

    Carrying John over to Matt, John had his crotch draped over the accommodating ass. I took his still turgid prick and worked it into Matt. Then I shoved my dick into John’s warmth. What a ride that was! John quivered and shook on top of Matt’s rigored uncaring form. It was impossible to hold back any longer. It seems impossible after all the fucking I’d done that evening, but that became my supreme orgasm. My knees were shaking as I withdrew. I could barely stand. It took several minutes for my eyes to focus.

    In the meantime, John’s uncoordinated body slipped down to the grass.

    After some gasping for air and a brief rest, I hoisted him back on Matt for a few photos. I couldn’t resist adding a some poses and touches that weren’t in the original action. Click! . . . Click! . . . Click! . . .

    “Just in case I might forget.”

    I needed to get away from there.

    “Time to end this rodeo boys!”

    Thinking to make this look like a psychotic murder-molestation scene, I first stripped them of all their clothing and jewelry. That was tossed into the car’s trunk. Rummaging through John’s pockets I found a sturdy knife. I used that to sliced off their genitals. The cocks I saved for later pickling in that Napoleon Brandy Matt had been so stingy with. Those souvenirs would make good pacifiers. I stuffed their ball bags into their mouths so they looked like bubbles between the lips. John’s into Matt’s and vice versa seemed the right touch.

    “Have to do this to you boys. Don’t take it personally, but I’ve got to save my ass.”

    After removing all traces of my presence I drove off, leaving the lifeless dudes to their destinies.

    Once I got home, I couldn’t believe what had really happened. But, I had the photos and dicks to prove it. I’d never fucked so much in one night in my life. It was a unique event and TG my body met the challenge. Of course I’d never been so turned on before either.

    “Just think: my first necro sex; my first double necro sex; my first two uniforms; my first cop. I’m glad I took pictures because this ain’t gonna happen again!”

    Exhausted, I slept like a prince. In the morning my bed was dry as it could be, there was nothing left for wet dreams.

    Turning on the TV, the news came out: first, “COP MISSING”; then an update, “COP FOUND NAKED AND SEXUALLY MUTILATED”. But no news about my boyfriend. Then Matthew’s mother called and told me that they paid the press to hide her son’s abduction and death. She said Matthew’s body was in her custody and compassionately invited me as his companion to attend the funeral. I gasped and cried to give the impression that I knew nothing about it.

    When I went to the funeral, his parents left me alone with him to say goodbye. There, I took advantage of the open casket to take off his shoes to smell them and suck his toes. I thanked Matthew for this final pleasure and kissed his cold hard lips in farewell. I managed to put everything in order before the parents returned.

    “Goodbye Matthew, I love you!”

    As I waited for the service to begin, I considered how I could get some alone time with John . . . . .


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    Great story! So hot.
    Flesh and Blood:
    Organic and Natural.
    Nutritious and Tasty.

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