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    Mount Etna Erupts 4.8-magnitude earthquake jolts Sicily

    Areial view of Mount Etna Eruption on Dec 24, 2018.

    An ongoing eruption of Mount Etna, Europe’s biggest and most active volcano, has triggered a 4.8-magnitude earthquake that injured 28 people and damaged buildings in the early hours of Wednesday.

    The quake was the biggest since the volcano came to life again on Monday with hundreds of small and medium tremors and causing lava spewing from a new fissure. The resulting ash cloud led to the temporary closure of Sicilian airspace on Christmas Eve.

    The Italian national institute for geophysics and volcanology (INGV) said the quake, which struck at 3.19am, was 1km deep. The epicentre was to the north of the port city of Catania and the damage caused several families to spend the night in the streets.
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