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Thread: Head lovers

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    Head lovers

    Hey my friends, you who love the beheaded men. Merry Christmas!

    What if you woke up and found a head wrapped up like a Christmas present?

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    Wonderful feeling. I appreciate good gifts.
    Sõbrake, ööd on meil siin pikad ja pimedad ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Like a little girl who received a doll, one she had pined for, I would hold the head tight in my arms, caressing it. I would run my hands over the face, familiarizing myself with every feature, its nose, eyes, lips, teeth, ears. I assume my benefactor would have cleaned it up before wrapping, but if not, I would lick the entire head, removing any dried blood still remaining from its decapitation. I would gently run my fingers over the severed neck, touching dried blood vessels, ligaments, spine, and push my tongue into the open throat. I would sleep with my gift and keep it with me all day, caressing and kissing and licking. Even biting. As the days after Christmas stretched into the new year, parts of the head would begin to decompose. Not willing to part with my treasure, I would chew and swallow the putrefying flesh. Day by day, parts of it would slide off the skull and down my throat. In time, too soon, too soon, every bit of my gift would have been devoured, leaving only a white skull. This would sit by my bed, to be caressed every night, and cuddled in my sleep.

    I would approach my benefactor, drop to my knees, and offer my thanks and my body. My gift to him.
    Flesh and Blood:
    Organic and Natural.
    Nutritious and Tasty.

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