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    Tumblr will ban all adult content starting December 17th

    Tumblr will ban all adult content starting December 17th

    Tumblr will permanently ban adult content from its platform on December 17th in a move that will eradicate porn-related communities on the platform and fundamentally alter how the service is used. The ban includes explicit sexual content and nudity with a few exceptions, the company tells The Verge. The new policy’s announcement comes just days after Tumblr was removed from Apple’s iOS App Store over a child pornography incident, but it extends far beyond that matter alone. “Adult content will no longer be allowed here,” the company flatly stated in a blog post published on Monday.

    Banned content includes photos, videos, and GIFs of human genitalia, female-presenting nipples, and any media involving sex acts, including illustrations. The exceptions include nude classical statues and political protests that feature nudity. The new guidelines exclude text, so erotica remains permitted. Illustrations and art that feature nudity are still okay — so long as sex acts aren’t depicted — and so are breastfeeding and after-birth photos.

    After December 17th, any explicit posts will be flagged and deleted by algorithms. For now, Tumblr is emailing users who have posted adult content flagged by algorithms and notifying them that their content will soon be hidden from view. Posts with porn content will be set to private, which will prevent them from being reblogged or shared elsewhere in the Tumblr community.
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    Deleted my tumblr account yesterday. This is only the beginning. Evil religious ignorance rears its ugly head once again.

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    Another blow to freedom of expression on the internet not many websites remaining that are completely censorship free like CDG hope this makes a lot of our members appreciate what our community stands for and all the hardship we've been through to achieve what we have now.
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    I don't understand who is behind all this censorship and why it's happening. I suppose someone must be benefiting from it, but I can't image how. It makes no sense to me, but maybe that's because I like my porn. Tumblr has for a long time been the source of superb and seemingly endless X-rated material. I can only be thankful that I've managed to save to my computer those dirty photos I've liked best over the years. I wonder when the big video porn sites (e.g. Pornhub) will begin to shut down.
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