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    Most powerful guy on noose I have ever seen

    My fencing team had a paintball game last week. We divided ourselves into two groups; as we did before the lost group members were punished by being shot by the wining team with upper body exposed. But that day the group captain, a 18 yo boy who is also a rowing athlete, insisted he should be hanged because of an error he made during the fight. And his reaction during the execution was really impressive.

    He is the youngest guy in the team; 188 cm tall but only 75 kg (compared to his height and the muscles he has). The execution was arranged at a shower cell in the lockers room. The rope was tied on the beam over the cell and the small stool which was used for placing the slippers and other stuff originally in the cell gave him a small height to stand on. We asked him a few times before it did happen, and he insisted without joking. But he said he had never been hanged before that.

    Some of my teammates came up with a test or challenge for him as they wanted to know how painful it could be for him on the noose. So they set the execution process like this: He would be allowed for a shower first so that there would be no sweat on his body, especially the feet. Then let him put on a new pair of socks (the type like thick crew socks), boots and coma trousers as we all wore when playing the paintball; but he must expose his left pec for heart monitor (he made himself shirtless finally). They did him like this because they could examine the sweat on his socks after the hanging so that the pain he suffered could be measured to some extent. And also, my mates crushed some tissue into a ball and placed it inside his left armpit to check the sweat he would have.

    Finally, this tall and handsome rower (now more like a captive soldier) was placed on the stool with the his neck tightly restrained in the noose. And the teammates tied his ankles and hands too so that the pain could be increased. At the moment the execution was about to start, his heart rate was only 50 bpm! We were all surprised how calm he was! Then a boy in the team asked him like joking "Do you have any last words?"

    This guy said "Look carefully, how I die without struggle!" And we were shocked that he suddenly kicked away the stool himself!

    He was totally hanged for 4 minutes and that is the thing we had thought incredible! At first 50 seconds around, he was staying with straight body and his eyesight looked totally normal! But it was apparent that he was holding his breath. After that his eye balls rolled back but there was no struggle for air; the only difference was we could notice his boots were shaking, but only slightly. At about 2'10'', a guy stung his left nipple with his finger, and he twitched a little; and this means he was still conscious probably! Finally, without noticing any symptom of passing out, we carried him down; and until then did we know that he was totally asleep.

    We lay him down straight on the long bench in the lockers room. The first thing was to check his socks in those heavy boots. Yes, they were totally socked only by sweat. And also that ball of tissue in his armpit (indeed we all smelled that once his left arm was lifted by a team mate). Then we opened his belts and zip to check his penis. It seemed that he pissed a little bit and the penis was still pointing up stiff. He slept for 5 minutes until he finally woke up.

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    cool one!
    my cock exists for male feet/soles!!!

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