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    Adios Cute Dead Guys - for now

    Had a visit with a local member - and realized my fanatasies were just that fantasies - and what I claimed I wanted to do, was really what I wanted to happen to me - but I really was not ready.

    I have closed several accounts, and this one is one of those, tha tI am limited so much and for so long - I will just post this and then stop trying to enter.

    I plan to figure things out, work on making my body 'cute' - athletic and buff, so it can look good on a rope, or a slab - and then maybe I will return and start looking for my final lover, a butcherer that fucks his meat as he kills.

    Happy hunting

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    Go well Gutterkc, and take the right decisions for yourself, whatever they are.
    If you're kissing Death make sure you've got a blue protruding tongue.

    "John Stuart Mill, of his own free will,
    On half a pint of shandy got particularly ill."

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