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Thread: Hail larger than softballs causes widespread damage in Cordoba, Argentina

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    Hail larger than softballs causes widespread damage in Cordoba, Argentina

    Reports are coming in of record-breaking hail up to 23 cm in diameter, during severe hailstorms in Cordoba, Argentina two days ago (Feb 8). The current world record is at 20 cm (diameter) from the July 23, 2010 hailstorm in Vivian, South Dakota.

    The huge chunks fell like meteorites from the sky with such force birds were killed outright according to witnesses.

    Lots of roofs were damaged in the area.

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    I'll bet there was plenty of broken glass too, and one of those ice balls could kill a person if it hit just so. I will definitely not be moving to Cordoba OR Vivian, because what happened once can happen again.
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