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    After reading "ELLA'S SPOOKY NIGHT OF CHRISTMAS TERROR", I think Ella did the right thing by driving very far away...although she really should have gotten the hell out the first time it happened to Josef. Her mother and her husband and her home were all bad news, and, if she wants any peace in life, she needs to see an exorcist. I suspect she has something inside of her that's acting as a demon magnet.
    "People got mad at you for shooting Bigfoot, but you just thought it was a man in a big, hairy costume."
    .....Jack Handey, The Mysteries of Humor

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    "Werewolf" strongly suggests that vampires have it easier when it comes to passing unnoticed amongst the human populace. For the werewolf, "As nails to talons now transform", he could, I suppose, wear gloves, but what's he going to do about his face, fully covered by hair? People are going to stare.
    "People got mad at you for shooting Bigfoot, but you just thought it was a man in a big, hairy costume."
    .....Jack Handey, The Mysteries of Humor

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    Quote Originally Posted by stustustugoo View Post
    A poem for the season

    't was the night before Christmas and santa was busy
    the reindeers were antsy
    the elves in a tizzy
    the mrs. was tending the ovens like mad,
    trying to turn out cookies to make out children glad
    the woodchips were flying
    the sawdust was thick
    the workshop was bulging with toys from st. nick
    contractors from sega, Nintendo and sony
    were working on games about a robotic pony
    I-phones and I-pads with virus removal
    were packed in their boxes and stamped elf approval
    last minute touches were added with flair,
    while stylists tended to santa's white hair
    elf tailors were making some last alterations to santa's red coat and his waist tribulations
    the weather was fair as the weather elf stated
    the routes were approved and departure was slated
    bells had been polished and harnesses buffed while repairs were addressed
    for the hooves that were scuffed
    the antlers were festuned with ribbons and bells
    and the reindeers were covered in elf flying spells
    the clock approached midnight as santa was seated
    the countdown began as the flight crew was greeted
    the hour neared and the tension was growing
    outside it grew cloudy and it began snowing
    the santa just grinned as the weather elf winced
    "don't worry my friend, our time has commenced"
    for the weather was nothing to santa's conveyance
    his reindeer and sleigh were immune to deleyance
    with a whirl of his whiskers
    and a flick of his wrist
    the reindeers were launched in a flash of white star mist
    and I heard him exclaim through his teleport ray
    "alert TSA! tell them i'm on my way"

    So totally creative
    ... and just goes to prove that Santa has for sure kept up with the times:
    " ... I-phones and I-pads with virus removal ..."

    AND one advanced, smart cookie, Santa is:
    "... teleport ray ..."

    Bravo, StuStu!
    I am certain Santa will be extra good to yous!


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    Quote Originally Posted by stustustugoo View Post

    sit with me by the fireplace
    I have a story to tell of when I met all of santa's reindeer
    and I got to know them well

    Dasher was the social one, the fastest of the herd
    he loved to party all da and night
    that's his statement, word for word

    Dancer has great dance moves
    and loves a celebration
    but what made him stand our you ask?
    his amazing hand-eye-foot coordination
    Quote Originally Posted by stustustugoo View Post

    Prancer loved to bake, you'd never see him with a frown
    and his favorite Christmas song to dat?
    of course it's santa clause is coming to town

    Vixen was gifted with magic tricks and loved being the center of attention
    but he often had the tendency to run late
    a little flaw he forgot to mention

    Comet was laid back and incredibly smart
    always willing to lend a helping hand
    this reindeer has a big heart

    Cupid was so precious, didn't like when her friends were sad
    she would sing joy to the world several times
    to boost their ambition and make them feel glad

    Donner loved to sing, he had an amazing voice
    for him to have all the ladies screaming
    santa baby was his choice

    Blitzen enjoyed Christmas movies and in his spare time
    you could catch him on stage with donner
    as the two sang joyous rhymes

    And then there's Rudolph, well, you already know about him
    he was the one with the red nose
    and if you ever saw him, even you would say it glows

    So that's my story of how I met them all
    such a loving and humble bunch
    oh no! good grief! I must go now
    I'm supposed to meet them all for lunch!

    Let's HEAR IT for ALL these reindeers!

    FINALLY thems other hard-workin' reindeers get more recognition!
    And each their own "reindeer" at that !!

    SO Rudolf, maybe yous will now become
    "Rudolf, the
    GreenNosed Reindeer !!

    And remember, envy is "NAUGHTY and NOT nice!

    Another awesome creative poem,
    StuStuStu !

    I am sure
    will be extra NICE to yous!


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    Quote Originally Posted by stustustugoo View Post
    my last holiday poems for the year,

    seasons yet to come

    They gave us all a calendar at work this afternoon
    suddenly it dawns on me
    the year is ending soon!

    comes January cold and gray
    the new year is just beginning
    and February short and bright
    with valentine's hearts winning

    comes March, the windy, roaring one
    and warm the sun of spring
    then April bringer of shining sky
    and flowers blossoming

    comes May, and school comes to a close
    with children's happy laughter
    then June, with open city pools
    and picnics soon there after

    July comes booming with a bang of red glared rockets blasting
    then August lingers with its heat
    that seems so everlasting

    September, gold September comes
    the year is growing older
    October with sweet Halloween
    the nights grow darker and colder

    November smells of harvest, of turkey and Thanksgiving
    December comes with joy and light
    to fill the hearts of the living

    each page I flip and see these things of days yet to come
    my calendar is a door to me
    an adventure that's just begun

    we've reached the end of another year
    where Christmas time is growing near
    where friends and family we hold so dear
    will soon feel the warmth of holiday cheer

    is santa single? or is he married to mrs. kringle?
    is it the wedding bells that jingle? or is is the reindeer when they mingle?
    the brightest stars start to twinkle
    as young hearts begin to tingle

    this is a very special time for children of all ages and kind
    to ask for whatever comes to mind and to see
    if Rudolph's nose really shines

    santa's laugh is so unique, yet so profound and makes his belle jiggle
    all around as he lands his sleigh down on the ground
    he tiptoes on the rooftops without making a sound

    he gets out his list and checks it twice
    have you been naughty or have you been nice?

    santa's philosophy as another year leaves
    always believe that your heart's desires can be achieved
    keep your faith
    and if you believe in yourselves
    maybe one day you turn into santa's elves

    Both poems are so much smiling fun to read,
    "Seasons to Come" and "Year's End."

    THANKS so much,
    yous so gifted genuine poet,

    Thanks for bringing us all such positiveness and definite good cheer;
    what this world so desperately needs
    for ALL the Seasons
    this coming New Year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stustustugoo View Post

    Ebon was the night and the road was winding
    The thunder struck and the lightning was blinding
    One moment of peace Ella was intent of finding
    A good safe haven she was trying to discover
    A terrible gruesome occurrence she did uncover
    It was about the last time she saw her lover

    They had driven home from the Christmas ball
    He wore a black tuxedo, she wore an ivory shawl
    Memories of the perfect night she did recall
    When they arrived back home, Josef acted weird
    And another psychotic episode Ella had feared
    Unexpectedly his other personality appeared

    His eyes turned crimson with sweat pouring down his cheeks
    The sight of it was so abhorring
    He no longer was affectionate nor adoring
    Ella was full of fright, for this happened before
    And she didn't know if she could take it anymore
    Little did she know all the horror that was in store

    Just then she saw an apparition in the old mirror
    She shouted in fear then saw the face quite clear
    It was her dead mother who was coming near
    She reached through the glass and pulled Ella's hair
    Ella's eyes opened wide and she began to stare
    Why this was happening she was very unaware

    Face down Ella fell to the floor and passed out,
    Then awoke in a panic and began to scream and shout
    She wondered what this madness was all about
    Josef came running and Ella saw his fiery
    Her eyes wet with tears made him look blurry
    So she got up fast and ran to the attic in a hurry

    Whenever Josef's mind changed his personality
    He acted like he was drowning in immorality
    Ella never understood this strange mentality
    She heard screeching and intense exasperation
    So she ran back down there from the attic in severe desperation
    Then she saw her mother's ghost in the middle of a transformation

    She turned into a demon with blood descending
    Down from her Emerald eyes so transcending
    Josef's neck the demon seemed to be apprehending
    Right in front of her eyes she sucked out his soul
    Drank up his essence and then swallowed him whole
    Even though she feared him it was her dear husband her mother stole

    This demon was spine chilling right to the bone
    But this deep insanity she could not condone
    She took a flame from the fireplace made of stone
    In a mania she threw it to the demon with might
    In an instant she saw a medallion flashing light
    The demon blazed and turned into ash
    Gone from Ella's sight

    Her knees bowed and her hands grasped her face
    For her dear husband she could no longer embrace
    Her mother became a demon from a hellish place
    She knew not what to do except to run to her car
    And drive somewhere else extremely far
    She was still in shock from a night so bizarre

    This poem is most scary and dark ...
    yet the darkness does not totally win by a long shot.

    For Ella, who is searching for

    ... a good safe haven she was trying to discover ....
    is spared, a true miracle indeed.

    For I interpret the "good safe haven" she was seeking to discover
    actually to be Heaven.

    Indeed, a "good save haven" for ALL
    Christmas once again reminds us of
    and freely offers us.

    Thanks be to the One who arrives at
    Christmas time,
    to save ALL from darkness and demons.

    A time of
    New Beginnings
    of fleeing and purposefully leaving behind ALL the demons
    that presently rule of lives.
    A time of redemption and renewal
    and not damnation.

    Thank you, StuStuStu, so much.


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    Yous is quite the poet!

    I hope the New Year brings us more of your creative poetry.

    As my above OVERALL comments
    some of which I just posted this past day
    (Dec 22nd, 2018)
    so so indicate ....

    We MEN are complex creatures
    creatures of potent dark horny lusts and also creatures
    of "the better angels of our natures"

    This quote comes from
    USA President Abraham Lincoln
    during the most bloody and horny manly war
    in ALL USA history
    being the
    American Civil War
    (1861- 1865)
    during which historians now estimate up to
    750,000 HOT bearded-faced, handsome, fit and strong
    manly footsoldier MEN
    were purposely MADE to DIE from gettin' dead KILLED in battle
    by other such
    manly footsoldier MEN.

    Here at CDG,
    the potent dark horny lusts command the day!

    Yet thank you in ALL of your above amazing poetry to cover BOTH
    fundamental natures of MEN ...
    the dark yet the angelic, too
    again, a constant struggle for so many,
    so so is!

    I hope the New Year will find you sharing more inspirational
    especially BONER homoerotic manly poetry with all of us here !!

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    your feet intoxicate me to near madness
    their stink transcends the goodness and the badness of worldly things,
    much the same way your penis creates its own reality between us
    I shrimp and fly into the comfort of a bare foot high


    forget the wine, forget the yule tide drink
    refresh me instead with your feet and masculine stink
    I want to feel the warmth of fleshy soles as your toes tap
    love notes on my receiving holes
    rub me with feeling till sphincter, tits and dick send my senses reeling

    we fuck each other on a king size bed
    we take a break, and give each other head
    we are two vulgar animals in heat until the night
    we sniff each other's feet

    oh song of love! oh lovely transformation
    who could imagine this sublime sensation!
    we enter love, love in a barefoot way
    and all is light, sunshine, an unending day
    my cock exists for male feet/soles!!!

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    The taste and smell of a rank, reeking foot = sublime orgasm.
    Tongue licking flaky scuzz from between toes = pure passion.
    Rick enters Paradise.
    Flesh and Blood:
    Organic and Natural.
    Nutritious and Tasty.

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    I was reading "A BAREFOOT HIGH....", and had just recovered from the shock I always experience at the sight of the word "penis" (I'm still a schoolboy at heart), when I was brought to an abrupt halt by the word "shrimp". I studied and pondered but could not make sense of it. Is "shrimp", apparently used here as a verb, a typo? If not, I am curious to know what it means.

    "REFRESH ME" is a schoolboy's dream, as its opening stanzas are full of titillating words, like "sphincter", "tits", "dick" and "fuck". Then, most mysteriously, it knocks the dirty boy on his arse with closing lines that are as lovely as a Shakespeare sonnet.

    Rick, your poetic style changes from poem to poem, and even from line to line, and that's what makes reading your verses such a joy.
    "People got mad at you for shooting Bigfoot, but you just thought it was a man in a big, hairy costume."
    .....Jack Handey, The Mysteries of Humor

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