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Thread: A New Necro Buddy

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    A New Necro Buddy

    Hey guys,

    About a month ago, I met Icarus19 who is a new CDG member for some necro play. He was a newbie so there was A LOT of necro talk where we tried to see if we were compatible. We ended up coming up with a script of how our time together would go. We decided to share the script so you guys can have an idea what happened. A lot of pictures were taken but I decided to let Icarus19 upload those to this thread if he feels comfortable enough sharing them. I will also add some of my personal notes so you guys have a thorough image of how things went down. This is my first time posting how things went with a victim so I hope you guys enjoy it!!!!!!

    I hope the script entices newcomers to fulfill their necro fantasy. Hopefully the script will give some of you some ideas when you have an opportunity to play with a necro buddy.

    New Yorker (KILLER)'s Limits

    No drugs of any kind
    No alcohol
    Victim and killer must be clean with no odor of any kind
    No cigarettes
    No deodorant except for under arms (licking deodorant off your torso would be uncool)

    Icarus 19 (VICTIM)'s Limits

    Feet play is ok but tickling may become an issue (I played a lot with his AWESOME feet and there was no problem with tickling)
    No anal
    No penis in my mouth
    No coming on your face
    No undressing (lifting up shirt and exposing cock is fine)
    No methods that involve placing something over your face due to your claustrophobia


    Cheap hotel in Queens, NY (this hotel is my lair since I played with 3 of my 5 victims there).


    We are two friends vising the city from Chicago. I have always been attracted to you but never had the courage to make a move. I have decided that the only way I can have you is by killing you and taking full ownership of your body. I decide I will kill you when you come back from your afternoon run.


    • I will arrive at the hotel at check-in time (3PM). I will wait for you until you arrive. It would be nice if you got to the hotel any time after 4PM so I have enough time to get a shower and relax (Icarus19 arrived at 6:30 PM).
    • You can text me or email me when you get off the subway so I can be ready for you.
    • When you arrive, I will great at the door and let you in. You will be dressed in tight running gear from your late afternoon run.
    • I’ll probably ask how your run was and where you got the bag with clothes. You can say you saw it as you were running passed a store and ended up buying it.
    • I will offer you a bottle of Gatorade that has been spiked with strong sedatives. The bottle will be unsealed (can’t slip drugs into a sealed bottle).
    • You will drink it and we will then strike up a conversation. Maybe I will ask you where we should go on the following day or you can send me a list of topics we discuss.
    • You will then ask me to take a photo of you in your running outfit to post on FB. You will teach me how to use your phone to do so.
    • We will sit down on the couch and as we talk, you will scratch your stomach under your shirt, revealing a little bit of your pecs.
    (you guys have no idea what a hot body Icarus19 has...)
    You will gradually become groggy because of the sedative. You will have difficulty keeping your eyes open and will start yawning. I might ask if you want to rest but you will refuse.
    • As the drug takes effect, you will find it more difficult to keep awake. You will shake your head trying to keep yourself awake. You will start mumbling and your speech may become incoherent. You will start getting thirsty and move around on the couch trying to keep yourself awake (watching him struggle to keep himself awake was really hot).
    • You will then get up and try to walk but you won’t be able to. You will finally realize there is something wrong and ask for my help as you try to keep yourself from collapsing by leaning against a wall.
    • I will not move or say anything. I will only stare at you watching you suffer.
    • You will look at the bottle and figure out I did something. You will try to scramble towards the door but you can no longer hold your own weight and fall to the ground.
    • As you crawl to the door, your movements will begin to slow down but you will be visibly desperate.
    • I will start taking photos of you with your cellphone by this point. I will not use my own phone.
    • You will reach the door but you do not have enough strength to open it. Your movements are very slow now.
    • You will then slowly turn to me looking at me.
    • Very faintly, you will ask why and ask I don’t hurt you to which you will get no response.
    • I will then get up the couch and stand over you taking more photos. I may also take some short videos of you. Your movements are very disorganized now, almost like spasms.
    • You will pass out (both of us really enjoyed the whole succumbing to the drug scene).
    • I cannot tell you exactly how things will go down from here up to when you wake up again. I won’t do anything too extreme like sucking your cock or rubbing my cock against your body but I will likely observe your body, take more pics, lift up your shirt, touch your pecs and cock and perhaps take off your sneakers and socks. (Please be sure to wear very clean socks.) Remember, this is the part where we become more comfortable with each other so think of it as soft exploration. Also, don’t forget our deal; IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT WE ARE DOING, TWICH VIOLENTLY AND I WILL LEAVE THE ROOM AND YOU CAN TEXT ME WHAT THE PROBLEM IS. ONLY USE THE SAFETY WORD (SAFETY) IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY. (there was a lot of touching in this part. I ran my hands all over his body and I also reached into his pants to feel his cock).
    • When you become comfortable and feel like we can advance to the next level, you will wake up slowly and very groggily. I will very calmly lift up your upper body, hold your body up against mine with me behind you and then strangle you from behind.
    • I will not put too much pressure on your throat (don’t forget, our safety word is SAFETY, so if it becomes an issue say it and I will stop). It will be violent and I will move your body around forcefully as you struggle. You will put up a fight but you are still drugged so it will not be such a powerful struggle (all the killing scenes were very violent. He and I struggled a lot on the floor as he tried to break free. I would also rub his cock as he struggled).
    • You will pass out and do some twitching when you are gone (no drooling necessary).
    • I am now free to use you as I see fit (within the limits agreed upon). You are now a corpse (or at least I think you are) so I will treat you like one. I may talk to you from time to time.
    • From time to time you will wake up and will be strangled again (you should let me play with you for a while before coming back).
    • During some of the strangulation scenes, I will reach down with one hand and grope your cock.
    • During some strangulation scenes, I will release my grip on your throat and toy with you. You will beg for me to stop and say things like “I’ll do whatever you want” or “why are you doing this?” I will then go back to strangling you after a few seconds of teasing (in one of the scenes I stopped strangling him and said I was going to let him go. I helped him up and then went back to strangling him. He ended up dying on top of me with my hands around his neck).
    • I will pose your body in variety of ways, such as spread-eagle (I also sat him down with his back against a wall. I dragged his body to the living room couch and put a white sheet on top of his body with his arm dangling off the couch and one of his feet exposed.)
    • I have the freedom to explore every inch of your beautiful corpse. I can touch anywhere I want and manipulate your body however I wish. There will be a lot of touching and licking on your upper-body area. Your nipples will definitely be sucked and massaged. I will also rub my cock against your body. Your feet will be played with extensively (taking off his shoes and socks was awesome. He has amazing feet which I licked and sucked for a long time. I also played a lot with his torso, licking his nipples and rubbing my cock against his stomach).
    • I will definitely touch and rub your cock but I will not guarantee I will suck it as I have to feel very comfortable with the victim to do that (I actually did suck his cock which was a lot of fun. Icarus19 was hard through most of the session).
    • When I feel like I am ready to finish you off for good, I will get up and leave you alone. You will hear me confirming my flight information to Europe with an airline over the phone. That is your cue to get up and make your way to the bathroom (I will probably leave your corpse in the bedroom as the bathroom is between the living room and the bedroom so you will inevitably run into me).
    • You will be staggering, leaning on the wall to keep you from falling (you should not be walking normally because I may hurt you when I pin you down against the wall).
    • I will pin you against the wall and strangle you violently until you have passed out. We will be standing up and I will hold your body up in place by the throat.
    • Instead of letting go, I will spend about a minute strangling you after you have passed out. If I can’t handle your weight, I will make you slide off the wall to the ground and I will keep strangling you there.
    • As I strangle your dead body, I would like you to slowly stick your tongue out and keep your eyes open. You don’t have to keep this deathstare for the rest of the session but just for as long as I am strangling you.
    • I will then let go of your corpse and open your mouth and close your eyes, which is your cue you no longer have to do the deathstare.
    • You are now dead and will not be coming back (icarus19 died with on the floor with his legs sprayed open. His beautiful blue eyes were open, aimlessly staring at me as I admired his beautiful corpse).
    • I will keep using your body as we have discussed until I feel satisfied.
    (After killing him, I dragged his corpse to the living room. I lift up his shirt and started rubbing my cock against his copse while looking at his deathstare. I used his hand to stroke my cock. Didn't take me long to come on his chest. It was a lot of cum).
    After coming, I dragged his corpse to the bedroom and put it against a wall. I put his dead hand inside his pants and made him stroke his dead cock a bit. I turned off all the lights in the room and left the room for about 15 minutes. I went for a walk and when I came back, his corpse was right there where I had left it.
    • If I need to communicate with you for some reason, I will place your cellphone in your hand and leave the room. I will then text or email you my concerns/thoughts. If I leave the room WITHOUT putting the phone in your hand, that is part of our session. I am simply ignoring your corpse and going about my business, perhaps getting something to eat. I will be back, and you should remain a corpse in whatever position you are in until I return. (there was no need for us to communicate during the session. Everything went down pretty smoothly).
    • When we reach the end of our second hour, I will say something like “It has been two hours since I have owned you”. If you want to continue, you will do nothing and we can continue into a third hour. If you twitch violently, then it means you don’t want to continue. You will remain dead where you are and I will leave the room and the session will be over (he and i went on into a third hour).
    I spent about the next 40 minutes cuddling with his corpse and rubbing his body while we watched TV in the bedroom. From time to time, I would play with his feet again).
    I then decided it was time for him to come. After almost 3 hours of necro play, it did not take long to make him come. I did some cock-sucking and finished things off jacking him off. He came in less than 4 minutes.
    • Once I am done, I will drag your corpse into the bathroom, place it in the tub, and turn on the water (he was clothed while in the tub).
    • I will probably shower with your corpse in the tub (I actually came a second time while looking down at his corpse). I will then get ready and leave the room (I left his corpse in the tub with the shower still running).
    • I will keep and take with me your small, white running socks as a souvenir of our time together (I have come on those white socks a lot this past month...).
    • Our session is now over. You can stay in the room as long as you like. Just let me know when you have left so I can go back to the room, get my stuff and check out.
    • I am thinking that this experience will stir up a lot of emotions in you and you will probably want to spend some time evaluating the experience. I will not contact you first as I like to give my victim some space and time to reflect (he contacted me the same night).
    • Once you are ready, you can email me and we can discuss the experience. Even if you didn’t like it, please provide some feedback. I hate the feeling of not knowing what went wrong.

    Icarus19's feedback was VERY positive, so much so that we are already planning a new session for February. We will likely post a new script of our upcoming second session too. I am very happy with him as a victim because he also lives in New York City so I finally have a victim who I can play with from time to time.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

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    Wow - that was super hot!

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    Glad you think so, givesgoodchat. I guarantee that it was incredibly hot indeed. Hopefully you’ll enjoy Part 2!

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    I would very much to play in real life a similar scene with either you Icarus or "New Yorker". I am flexible about adjusting the scene, and could play either killer or victim. So many of the "little details" is what make your script so hot. I have some great scene ideas that I would be happy to share in public or private. You can email me at

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    I have never played a dead scene. I have played with a garrotte and with hanging with others but the details of your scene are such I would love to try it. I wonder if there is anyone close to play with. Video does not substitute for real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djbear View Post
    I have never played a dead scene. I have played with a garrotte and with hanging with others but the details of your scene are such I would love to try it. I wonder if there is anyone close to play with. Video does not substitute for real.
    It was a lot of fun ironing out the details of our necro session with icarus19. Although I would have been satisfied with a simple roleplay, I did enjoy talking to him and finding ways to make his fantasy more realistic and more detailed. Part of the fun for me is getting to know my victims and understand what makes them tick. Icarus19 has fulfilled this part of my fantasy much better than I expected. It took us over a month to come up with a script that we both enjoyed and I liked every second of it.

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    No photos? :c

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    Very jealous, my former killer!!!

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