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    What will you do to this handsome Asian guy in bed?

    He is Bowen, imagine what will you do to this handsome hottie in bed?

    I will cover the bed in plastic sheet and ask him to lie down as it is the part of my fetish. I will tie him down then with his arms up showing his hairy pits. I will tickle him in the armpits until he sweats until he begs to stop but i will not. Then we he is so sweaty knowing that he is also lying down in bed covered by plastic sheets, I will lick his body particularly chest, nipples and armpits full of hair. Then the last part, I will strangle him and then while he is grasping for air, I will stab them in the heart. Then his blood immediately flows through the plastic sheet and I covered his dead body with a plastic and then transferred this beautiful Asian guy in the tub. What a fantasy lol!

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    Tied spread eagle, beating him, bash his balls, jerk him then block when he cum, sedate him, make him less conscious when I release him and having an MMA session. I'm gonna pet him... until I grow bored and found someone else.

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    my fantasy almost exactly thought I would cut their beating hearts out after tying a lace or ziptie around their necks

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    First I would blindfold him and tie his arms to the headboard and legs to the footboard. I would then play with feathers, credit cards, toothbrush and such and finally jerk him off. I would then untie his arms and would flip him over, tie his wrists behind his back and fuck him. I would then put a rope around his neck, untie his feet, pull him by the rope around his neck to hsi closet where I would throw the rope over the clothes bar and pull him off his feet. I would close the closet door and leave him looking like a suicide as I would untie his hands before leaving.

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