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Thread: Stephen Hawking: Earth will become inferno by 2600 and humanity will become extinct

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    Yes its possible

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    Alert NEW: More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issue 'warning to humanity'

    A scene from the popular TV series The Handmaid's Tale where humans face extinction due to environmental degradation and climate change.

    More than 15,000 scientists around the world have issued a global warning: there needs to be change in order to save Earth.

    Horrible trends were noted in the last 25 years:

    • A decline in freshwater availability.
    • Unsustainable marine fisheries.
    • Ocean dead zones. Sea filled with plastic waste.
    • Forest losses.
    • Dwindling biodiversity.
    • Catastophic climate change.
    • Population growth.

    Scientists around the world are very concerned about the state of the world, the environmental situation and climate change.

    75% of species on Earth will go extinct if current trends continue.
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