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Thread: Writing Contest I

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    Writing Contest I

    Hey guys, i've played with a guy and did a hot photoshot last week, i'm gonna post one new picture everytimes you guys wrote a good necro story part that goes with it. At the end, it would be hot to have a whole story that goes with it. If more than one part of the story is hot, there will be a vote.

    Lets see how this goes, here is the first pic

    💀 What happen 💀
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    this boy, well he was real fun, found the boy out in a local bar, guess he didn't know that he had a bounty out on him dead. half a million for the evidence of his death. don't know who he pissed off but well I enjoy hunting bounties like him aint like I got much use for a scrawny bit of shit like him unless I got him locked up in a cage waiting for his execution anyways. the condemned convicts usually look much rougher with their ink too. moonlighting hunting bounties like this gets me far more pay than being the state executioner but I enjoy killing enough to like both jobs, plus the fun of hunting down a boy like this, the risk of it, well it makes my killers heart beat real damn fast. as for his death, well the gas chamber is far more dignified than being drowned in a toilet and the evidence I planted will get some punk off the street and on my row hopefully for me to enjoy gassing him. this boy he fought as usual, planted the dna of the boy I want on my row under his nails so he will be getting to my row soon enough. made sure that I got my next target and well, this boy just called the drug dealing scum that will take the fall for killing and raping him. or at least I did on his phone. had me some real fun till the next gassing, the next gassing thankfully is coming up. might deliberately botch the gassing of the next two that are gonna die in the chamber just for some fun. aint like the two condemned will have much choice but to breath the fumes and the audience will almost certainly enjoy seeing them die real hard. still enjoyed drowning this boy. just like I enjoy telling a man I am about to gas that I framed him for the crime I am executing him for.

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    Zonmoy, an amazing scenario. Love it

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