Would like to be impaled .. or other things possible if not,
But before to do that, if you know or if you would do it, be stretched by ass, a good fister needed, if you know one. From starting, quite tight ass, till hand inside, fist, double fist, punch fuck, double punch fuck for width or more, and then for deep, be fisted till elbow deep and then shoulder deep. Try to have a record on depth, ruined by ass like that, tentative of double arm fist, never mind if i prolapse hard, meat going out, any lenght. Being snuffed after, never mind, but have the sensation to be stretched till bowels can no more, just not to die depending if you want to impale me after or something else after.
BUT If snuffed inserting two arms deep inside possible .. why not .. better than impaled in that case, and if two arms not sufficient add more !
Wanted otherwise be sit on a cone shaped wood till assring gives out, till the sphincter breaks and go down slowly slowly, with a cone takes more time, maybe add weights attached on legs to help. If the cone i svery long, increasing slowly size, maybe the sphincter gives up before death. Nobody says at wich size the sphincter muscle gives up. Interesting to know.
Then or othwerwise any method of impalement nice.

Would be already happy if you know some things, wich size has to be a cone to break the sphincters? any ide to do that welcome. After you could impale me as you want. If deep fisted till shoulder, two arms make the same effect .. interesting for me.