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    I have had fantasy thoughts since young when playing BATMAN. A girl acted out CATWOMAN and used her "claws" to scratch me, ROBIN, across the chest, arms, belly.

    Then I saw DEMETRIUS AND THE GLADIATORS which did something to me I think or stirred something that was already there. Anyway, the arena scenes made me leap in more ways than one. I also liked any scenes with two males fighting each other.

    I had a wet dream, my first, about being stabbed by a young prince. First, before he came in, I was held by two muscled Egygtian dudes with black hair and wearing very little, a thong or loin cloth as I was. I had a washboard stomach even then and in my dream. They held and forced me to my knees.

    The young prince, wearing a loin cloth and crown came forward with a sword and slowly stuck me in the belly button. He made the two guys let me go soon after I groaned enough times. He was smiling. He was having fun. I was arching my back and then my back fell over my legs, as I was still kneeling. He pressed it in until it popped out my back. And I felt the pain in the dream and came for the first time. Since that, gladiator movies and Hercules movies,, or any movie that had two guys battling with swords, spears, knives, or other pointed weapons has had the effect of turning me on.

    It is just a fantasy as i am really the most peaceful, pacifist ever. I would never harm a fly.

    American Indian, pirate, jungle boy, barbarian, gang scenarios filled my imagination. It was a quite struggle accepting this strange side of my self but it is only one side.

    And now that I know I am not alone but sometimes it sure still feels like it.

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    Hello and welcome.
    m/ ^_^ m/ "The goal of all life is death" - Sigmund Freud

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    If you're kissing Death make sure you've got a blue protruding tongue.
    I didnt know about the role of urine in the preparation of cloth...Oh fuck, Ive spent three days reading about lichens!

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