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    Long Topic Ginger Night

    This story is not illustrated. If anyone would like to add suitable illustrations/photos, please do.

    It was a game that I always enjoyed. Now that it was semester break there was not as much prey about and the guys who would come and play had mostly left for the summer. This time the game would finish a bit different from the usual win-win.

    Tonight, I struck up a conversation with a young-looking guy who was drinking because he was not going home until the new year, so he had a few weeks to kill. By the time I got him back to my place I knew he considered himself straight but did not mind gay. Now he was drunk he had said that I could blow him and then he would blow mw. He was prepared to fuck me up the arse but wasnít sure if he would want it done to him. He was game to try the game that I had suggested as he didnít believe that it would work. I used it regularly. I told a guy that if he stuck a sleeping pill up his arse, before he went to sleep, he would not have a hangover.

    A few more drinks, his spiked, and he was prepared to try it, but he put a bet on it. I stripped to my underpants, like it was the most normal thing to do. After a slight hesitation, he did too. His bright green boxers could not hide that he was either well hung or starting to find the game fun. I placed the two oval white pills on the table and offered for him to insert mine. He declined and indicated he would do his own. I spread my legs and stuck my arse out then reached down the back of my briefs and inserted the pill. He watched closely and I noticed he tried to discretely rub his cock through his underpants. He then copied me and I got a glimpse of bright red pubes. We went back to drinking and when I woke up we were both sprawled on the floor. My underpants were down to my knees and he was lying as if dead. How prophetic. When I later checked our CCTV footage (a GoPro in the corner running 24/7) of the lounge/dining area we had been drinking and I had suddenly keeled over and flopped like a puppet with its strings cut. After several minutes, he came over and prodded me a few times before pulling my underpants down and opening my arse cheeks, maybe to see if there was any sign of the pill. After rolling me onto my back, he had just started to gingerly touch my cock, pulling my foreskin back before he wavered and flopped to the floor. He bounced slightly and rolled face down. That was how he was when I found him. I finished taking my briefs off and went over to him. He was still out cold so I was able to pull his boxers off without disturbing him. I went back to the table and pulled a small dildo, a condom and a small bag of white powder from one of the table drawers. Buried in a thick forest of wonderful strawberry blond hair I found his hole. It was loose and easily took my erect cock. I fucked him until I grew bored and pulled out. I rolled him over and took in the view of his foreskin that longer than his flaccid cock. The skin of his cock was very pale and his pubes were a thatch of red hair. His legs were covered in a pelt of the same coloured hair as in his arse. When i finished rolling his foreskin back and started to suck his cock, the pale head started to colour a bit. I spent a bit of time worshiping his body. He was dribbling from his mouth, so I tasted his fluid. I then spent some time working my cock up between his toes. His big toes looked oversize and there seemed to be a slightly bigger gap between his Big and second toes. This made a great place to wank, especially with a bit of lube. When I was again rock hard, I rolled him back over and fucked him again until I shot, filling the condom with my thick and gooey cum. When I pulled out and rolled him back over he was hard enough for me to force his unsheathed cock into my arse. I started to ride him but I passed out after a few minutes.

    When I woke again he had woken but was very groggy. He was trying to continue to fuck me but was very uncoordinated. I easily pulled off him and went to the table sheathing the dildo and smothering it with powder. He was becoming more coordinated but I was still able force the dildo into his arse, which was much tighter now. He cried out and started to fight but I could keep hold of him until he started to shudder and gag. His eyes unfocused and then, after the drooling, glazed. His bowel emptied and I let him go to writhe on the floor for a few minutes. Then he was still, mouth agape and eyes staring. I filled the bath and put him in, washing him and playing with his body a bit more, thoroughly soaping his large toes and wanking my cock in them again. I made sure that there was no trace of me on him and pulled him out of the water. My van was accessible from in the house so I could leave without anyone seeing us together. I drove to the university and ditched his body behind the rubbish skips. He should be written off as another student overdosing. I was right, he would not wake up with a hangover, ever.
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    I have the hardest dick right now..

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    I wish I had a pic to go with this sexy story.

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