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    Alert All-time record heat scorches Middle East as temperatures reach 54C (129.2F)

    It was a historic day in the annals of meteorology on Thursday, July 21, 2016 in the Middle East, where the temperature in Mitribah, Kuwait soared to an astonishing 54C (129.2F).

    If verified, this would be Earth's hottest temperature ever reliably measured outside of Death Valley, California.

    The temperature is likely to be verified, since Thursday's incredible heat also extended into Iraq, which set their all-time heat record: 128F (53.4C) at Basrah.

    The world's all-time hottest temperature was recorded at 134 degrees in Death Valley in 1913.

    Heat index readings in the Middle East also reached extreme levels Thursday and Friday, with some spots in Iran and the United Arab Emirates reaching a heat index of 140 degrees due to stifling levels of humidity.

    A heat index reading of 140 degrees is actually beyond the levels the heat index is designed to measure.

    Temperatures in the Middle East should cool slightly over the next few days.
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    Earth is really a fucked up place getting worse with time.
    Wondering when 100C finally hits somewhere , seems that it might happen...

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    to bad the entire middle east
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodFullOfPain View Post
    Earth is really a fucked up place getting worse with time.
    Wondering when 100C finally hits somewhere , seems that it might happen...
    I do not belive that can happen, as long as there is still water here on earth. Water has a boiling point around 100 degrees Celsius at sea level. That means that all water has to be vaporized first and that takes a lot of sun ligt and other kind of energy influx to do that. The planet Venus has thist kind of climate where all water has evaporized and is contained in the atmosphere togheter with ohter gasses. On Venus this is belived to have happend due the "greenhouse effect".

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