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    Welcome to CDG, Zorko!

    Cool fetish. Although I haven't had such kind of experiences yet, it's something really interesting for me (specially because it turns me on a lot ). We're looking forward for you to share some of that nice experiences with us

    Please enjoy your time here, admiring our boys and making friends :D
    Caught between Scylla and Charybdis~*

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    Quote Originally Posted by zorko20 View Post
    Hi everybody!
    I'm Filip, 25yo boy from Poland. I've been watching pics on this site for 4 hours so I thought it would be high time to say 'hello' :D.
    Even though I'm not much into real dead guys, I still like their pictures, especially those with cocks and balls exposed - it turns me on that we see, examine and comment their most intimate body parts and they can do nothing about that and they never expected it.

    What turns me on the most are drunk guys. Fortunately I live in a city with crowds of drunk guys (mostly teen hooligans) in the streets. That's why every Friday and Saturday night I go 'sightseeing', looking for totally drunk str8 guys, sleeping in the bushes or staggering, mumbling and pissing themselves, trying to find their way home. I play with them as much as I want as I know they are totally helpless. If anyone has similar hobby, please let me know, we may chat and exchange experiences :)
    Hey buddy! In which city in Poland do you live? I am a brazilian guy who lives in Germany, and I'am into the same fetish... Maybe I should visit you soon and we can go "hunting" together! hehehehe

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    I also share the same fetish, but also with the drunk/passed out dudes feet!

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    Take my survey on passed out guys

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