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    I want to be snuffed out
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    I'd love to be roasted like a pig then eaten

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    Mine will sound very mellow compared to what other people have posted, but I think if I absolutely had to be murdered by someone, not that I want to die or anything, but if I ever did then I would prefer to be suffocated with a pillow; no pain of a cord cutting in your skin, no blood etc, clean. It would only feel uncomfortable for a few minutes (which I guess would feel like an eternity) and then before you know it, you're unconscious, and provided the murderer keeps the pillow on there long enough, you wouldn't even know it when you're out. The worst case scenario would be if the guy supposed to kill you pussies out at the last moment or thinks you're dead just because you stopped moving and doesn't wait for the convulsions to set in and stop. Then you would wake up with a horrible headache because of the lack of oxygen, but you could just take a painkiller I guess

    About the kinky stuff, it would be cool if the murderer also jacked me off slowly while I faded away, not right away, but 3-4 minutes in, where my movements had just started slowing down and I started fading away, that would be a nice prize for all the effort and the uncomfort they would have caused me, and at least I would have one last orgasm before my demise, not that I would be able to enjoy that or anything but I guess my kicking, gasping-for-air body would...

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    For me, a good long fisting session, being both fister and fistee - then the mood changes, and my alpha plows deeper and deeper, not listening to my whimpering cries. Terror and pain boil up together, my head spins, my ass is torn apart as his hands take turns to violate my innermost self, pushing still deeper until pain becomes a kind of pleasure... blood and shit mingle and lubricate his way, his anger and lust rises, his profanities intensify and the rhythm of his thrusts grows ever more urgent. At last he reaches high up, beyond my guts and takes my heart in his greedy hand, no longer a fist but a claw... I feel it twist and wrench, feel my heart come away... hear nothing but silence but feel the long moment of withdrawal. My ass opens easily now, my heart no longer any part of me. Blackness becomes nothing... and then... and then...
    Way to go, I reckon ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutterkc View Post
    To be live gutted -

    Not just stabbed, cut, and allow the organs to drop out -

    But, rather - hook up with another, a group - even, and prepare for a long sexual orgy - with ropes, knives, and other tools of destruction.

    Watch, assist others in killing themselves - and then, it is my turn

    to be tied to a table - sucking a cock, or eating pussy - and feeling a cock enter my ass - as my belly is cut open

    or -

    to be ass-fucked, doggy-style - my fucker is my executioner - he slits my belly open, as he is fucking me - and fondling my cock / balls.

    I want my intestines pulled out, cut out - and then, to be untied and able (if not in shock) to get up and wander around - gutted. I would expect the gutting to be done with care - clamping, tying off, cauterizing the blood vessels - giving me a few minutes to wander about the orgy, until I drop
    like this way too

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    For me it changes depending on my mood, but one of my all time favourite scenarions is being stomped to death. It starts like a "normal" feet worship, where I'm lying on a floor and licking some nice, large feet. But after some time the guy starts getting more brutal, he kicks my face, forces his feet into my mouth. After a while my nose is broken and bleeding, some of my teeth are also broken, my face is bruised, but he doesn't stop. Now he puts on his heavy duty lether boots and kicks my balls, stops on my dick and my throat. The last thing I see are soles of his boots as he jumps onto my face, I'm off...

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    Dragged to death…behind a pickup truck with guys pissing out the back on me, and tossing small rocks. By my feet or by my wrists…either way. Just let the road, the gravel, the dirt, the brush tear at my skin and flesh, until I’m just a bloody piece of dead meat. (Give Ricky my feet.)

    This isn’t a fantasy that is easy to play out by myself, but I’ve tried a few things. Using a rope tied to a tree, I’ve lowered myself naked down a steep grade of hard dirt. Went about forty feet, then pulled myself back up. My body got scraped up. If I let go of the rope, I’d slide and roll a long way until I landed in scrub brush. Actually, that did happen once and I got cut up kinda bad. Hurt for days. But the good part was that I couldn’t sleep due to the pain and I had to lay there remembering the moment. Hard-on Heaven! And the bloody open sores stuck to the sheets. Tore off when I rolled over. More cum! Yes, it hurt and I never tried again. But I still get hard thinking about it. Now I get my kicks walking naked thru tall brush and letting it scrape my bare skin.
    Flesh and Blood:
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    Nutritious and Tasty.

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