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Thread: Fictional Story: Jake's Lucky Night, Dean's Last

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    Fictional Story: Jake's Lucky Night, Dean's Last

    WARNING: Contains fictional strong M/M sexual content, language and death.


    Jake stood in front of his full length mirror, his jeans snug to his calves, thighs and hip, his black boots freshly shined. He ran his large rough hands through the fur on his chest up to his nipples, pinching them to erection. He felt his cock stir in his jeans as he glanced down and watched his bulge form underneath. He admired his well defined, muscular chest, the hair working its way up from the thick leather belt, up his hard abs and across his pecs. Jake had a great muscular body, the result of being a construction worker. His hard work paid off. His muscles and strong hands only enhanced his secret. Jake had a penchant for bedding down young studs and snapping their necks with his strong hands as he fucked them. The sound of their necks snapping under him gave him the ultimate orgasms. This was his plan tonight.

    Jake gave himself a last once over as he grabbed his t-shirt and slipped it on. The fabric clung tight to his muscles showing every ripple and bulge.
    He grabbed his keys and headed out for a bar that was known for some good hook-ups. He knew he would have no trouble finding his next victim.

    Dean stood to the side in the crowed bar. He slammed his cell phone shut, "Another night blown". Dean had plans to meet up with a couple of friends at the bar, go back to his place and party a bit. The plans fell threw. "Now what", he thought. He rubbed his hands through his blond hair and looked around the bar. Nobody interested him. He figured he'd have another drink and head back home.

    Jake entered the bar. He turned quite a few heads as he wedged himself between two guys and ordered a shot of JD. Jake went unnoticed by Dean as he stood to the side sipping his drink and playing with his cell phone checking for messages. Jake cruised the room with his eyes. He noted a few guys that would do. That's when he spotted the perfect neck. His eyes focused on the blonds neck as his cock stirred in his jeans. Dean took another sip, looked up and that's when their eyes' locked with one another. He gulped a bit as Jake's eyes seductively fixated on him. Dean nervously twitched as Jake began to approach. He stared at Jake's build.

    Jake introduced himself to Dean and vice versa. Dean started rambling on about how his plans had petered out, etc. Jake focused on his neck. His mind wandered to getting Dean naked in bed, fucking and killing him. Dean told him about the plans for partying but it was off. Jake put his strong arm around Dean's shoulder, "We can still have our own party baby". Dean was a little hesitant. "How do I know you're not some serial killer" he said kiddingly. "You don't", chuckled Jake. They both laughed and Dean agreed to have Jake come home with him. He figured he knew what Jake wanted, sex for the night and be gone by morning. Dean himself knew that's what he wanted. His cock stiffened as Jake and him headed out the door. "Baby, you're going to get the fucking of your life tonight" Jake said as he guided Dean into his truck.

    Dean showed Jake to his place. They entered his apartment. Dean closed the door as Jake grabbed him from behind and squeezed his tight ass cheeks. He ran his hands over Dean's shoulders and rubbed his chest and caressed his nipples under his shirt. Dean's cock was hard. He felt Jake's strong chest against his back, warm and muscular. Jake's cock throbbed in his jeans. He felt his precum starting to leak. His other arm reached down to Dean's crotch and he squeezed at his balls and cock. Dean felt his hot breath on his neck. Jake whispered in his ear, "Let's get more comfortable in your bedroom". Dean led him to the bedroom. Jake locked lips with Dean practically sucking the air out of him. Dean's heart pounded against Jake's chest. Jake slipped Dean's shirt off and rubbed his rough hands against his firm, smooth chest. Dean's nipples were hard, his cock became more increasingly uncomfortable in his jeans. Their cocks pressed against each other. The heat from both radiated through their jeans. Dean kicked off his sneakers as Jake led him to the bed. Dean unbuttoned his jeans and lay on the bed. Jake tugged at the jeans, pulling them off, tossing them to the floor. He looked down at Dean. His naked body looked inviting. His cock was hard and pulsated as dribbles of precum oozed out his piss slit and dripped onto his stomach.

    Jake climbed on the bed and kneeled over Dean. Jake worked his hands up Dean's chest to his neck. He played and squeezed softly, his thumbs pressing slightly against his Adam's apple. Jake kissed him on his ear lobe, his lips and neck. His cock paining inside his jeans. He needed release soon. Jake rose and kneeled above Dean. He tugged his shirt from his jeans and slipped it off throwing it to the floor. Dean stared at his muscular, chest. He placed his hands on his stomach and slid them up through the matt of hair on his chest. He felt every fiber of hair on his chest and cupped his hands over his hard nipples. He flicked them and pinched gently and then rubbed his hands again across his chest. Jake stroked at Dean's cock, playing with his precum between his thumb and forefinger. Dean pressed his hands harder against Jake's chest and then moved his hands down to his belt. He unbuckled his belt and loosened his jeans. Jake's cock head peeked over the rim of his jeans. The precum steadily oozed out his piss slit. Dean swiped some on his fingers and placed them to his lips.

    Jake rolled off Dean and laid on his back. Dean removed Jake's boots, dropping them to the floor. He slid his jeans off as Jake's stiffened cock slapped hard against his flat stomach. Dean licked at his balls one at a time. He took Jake's cock and placed it into his mouth. He sucked and licked gently as he ran his hands back up Jake's chest. Jake stared down at Dean, admiring his neck muscles moving as he sucked. Jake lifted Dean's head from his cock. Saliva and precum dribbled from Dean's mouth. Jake laid Dean on his back and spread his legs. He lifted his ass up a bit and poked at his hole with his cock. Dean spoke softly, "Fuck me, fuck me hard". Jake entered him slowly. His huge cock working its way in. He began to pump his hips. His cock thrusting inside Dean. Dean moved with the rhythm of Jake's fuck. He groaned out with each thrust. His hands pressed against Jake's chest. He felt the sweat beading on his furry matt. Jake began to thrust harder and harder, deeper and deeper with each thrust. He took his hand and wrapped it around Dean's hard cock and stroked hard. He stared down at Dean's neck. His cock harder and harder, aching for release. He felt his cum working its way up his shaft. Dean rocked hard with him. He placed his hands on Jake's biceps and held tight as Jake fucked harder and harder. Dean had never been fucked like this before. Jake slid his hands' around Dean's throat and squeezed a bit. Dean felt the uncomforting and gasped for a bit of air. Jake released the pressure. Dean took in air. Jake fucked harder, sweat poured from his forehead and chest, dripping down on Dean's naked body. Dean was in full ecstasy. He didn't notice Jake's hand's cupping his neck and chin. He was caught up in the fuck. Jake couldn't hold back any longer. He was ready to cum. He held Dean's neck and chin tighter and tighter. Dean squirmed beneath trying to catch his breath. Frightened and trapped beneath Jake he knew death was near. His hands pressed against Jake's chest trying to push him off. It was no use. Jake stared into his eyes, Dean let out his load, his cum cascading up Jake's chest, He was in full orgasm. Jake's cock let loose. He grabbed Dean's neck and chin like a vise, SNAAAPP, SCRUNCCHH. The sound of Dean's neck snapping brought Jake to full orgasm. He shot over and over filling his seman inside Dean. Dean's body tensed, bucked and shuddered once. His hands slid slowly down from Jake's chest landing aside his head. Dean was dead. Jake spent the last of his cum and gave one last crush to the neck. His body tensed and then collapsed on Dean. He let go of Dean's neck. He felt the sweat and cum between the two of them. Dean's dead body lay still beneath Jake. It convulsed one last time. Jake listened to the silence in the room as his cock softened and he pulled out. He rolled over and let out a huge sigh of relief and joy.

    Jake got up and put on his jeans and boots. He went out to the kitchen and found a bottle of JD. He grabbed a glass. poured a drink and returned to the bedroom. He looked down at Dean's naked body on the bed. He lay spread eagle, his cock still stiff, oozing the last of death cum. His eyes were wide open staring into space, his neck crushed and contorted. Jake rose his glass, "Thanks for the party, Cheers". he gulped down the drink and dropped the glass to the floor. Jake found his shirt and tucked it in his hand. He gave one last look as he left the bedroom. He knew it wouldn't be long before Dean's body would be discovered.

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    What a HOT story, thanks!!

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    So good !

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    excellent - thanks

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    Good story.

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