★ Cutest Dead Guy of 2022 ★ [►POST YOUR CANDIDATES HERE◄ ]

I have another favourite for this year he is a hairy Ukranian soldier killed early on in Putin's war.

Handsome as an elf sleeping in his casket.

Of course I choose this one. Died in April 2022. I think is the best dude I found this year (maybe one of my best finds overall)

Can anyone confirm if there are more info about him in Secret Room. And if there is, could you tell me if there are dead more pics of him?
Great and beautiful choice orochi friend, he is perfection! :kissess:
Good evening. I suggest this hairy doll for model of the year he is my favourite for 2022 I jack off to his gorgeous big feet daily. Great body and cute face.:fast jerk::load:

Would you kindly let us have a pic of him without all the trademarks spoiling the view?
No, sorry this model still belongs to our Death Eaters club where you can enjoy his full autopsy.