1. Meatpie

    Man Jumped off the 30th Floor of the Bisha Hotel, Toronto

  2. K

    Group Play in Toronto

    Looking for both "killers" and "victims" for roleplay in Toronto. Against any real violence, death or anything illegal. Just looking for hot guys to play fight and roleplay death scenes with. I'm 34 gay dom top and play "killer" and i'm looking for guys to play with. You can either be another...
  3. D

    Seeking "Victims" for roleplay. Skype or in person

    Hello, I'm 32, gay male, dom top. I love to play killer in role-play. Any hot guys like to struggle and play dead? Favourite method is stabbing, but also like shooting and choking. I have toy gun and knife. I'm looking to either play on Skype with video or in person (Toronto based...
  4. hikerlad

    snuffing a candle in Toronto

    Looking to snuff my candle in Toronto; strangulation preferred
  5. J

    Toronto or Montreal Roleplays?

    32yo Asian here looking for playmates who are into roleplays....luv scenes where the victim is "knocked out" or "killed" and his body is then toyed with by the killer... Open to player the killer or the scenes where the victim is a cocky, arrogant, hotshot, STRAIGHT guy in a...