1. Waratplay

    Ginger Night

    This story is not illustrated. If anyone would like to add suitable illustrations/photos, please do. It was a game that I always enjoyed. Now that it was semester break there was not as much prey about and the guys who would come and play had mostly left for the summer. This time the game would...
  2. M

    A Gymnast, a Swimmer, and a Wrestler Go Camping...

    SciFi/Vore Story. Hope you enjoy: It was a hot, humid day. The shade from the trees provided little relief from the heat, by mid-afternoon, the three boys had shucked their shirts. It would have been quite the thing to see, if there was anyone around to see it. Three half naked young men...
  3. D

    Examining feelings prior to Guilotine

    I wonder if anyone here has a story with the lead up to and execution by guillotine? Since the guillotine has not been used for several decades, I have been trying to find out what the process was in France? I have seen a couple of videos showing different ideas of it which leaves me wondering...
  4. Art Of War

    Firing Squad Execution Phots

    Started a new thread for Firing Squad Executions
  5. strangledead

    Cyber Deathmatch

    There doesn't seem to be any good website to chat or find opponents for a hot horny Cyber Deathmatch anymore. Anyone here feels the same need?? More into being the victim here. If anyone has chatted/played with me before (on before their chat room gone crap) you'll know I die a good...
  6. P

    Crazy Chinese guy sit in the road

  7. Art Of War

    Halloween Prank Gone Wrong

    Jordan Morlan, 16, of Louisville, was attempting to scare his little sister when he accidentally hanged himself with a noose his family put up as a Halloween decoration, police said...
  8. Art Of War

    AKA The Serial Killer and The Green Parrot Cafe:- Info Requested Please

    In the early 2000s, there was this awesome yahoo group called gayextremestories to do with non consensual activities and desires. I am wanting to know if any CDG members knows the authors or where to get a copy of two excellent story series called AKA The Serial Killer and The Green Parrot...
  9. mxyzptlk

    Posting someone else's story

    I once read and copied a great serial killer story based on true events. I would love to share it and post it, see if anyone else appreciates it like me. Is it OK to post someone else's work?
  10. Art Of War

    Cute Canadian Guy & girlfriend Missing in New Zealand

    New Zealand authorities on Thursday were searching for a Canadian couple who were believed to have died when their rental van went over a cliff on a rugged road. Police said they were trying to recover the bodies of 25-year-old Connor Hayes and 24-year-old Joanna Lam off the Haast Pass road...
  11. Art Of War

    L.L.K (Love Lust Kill) 1 : Scene 4 Beinngings

    (Submitting this scene for my screenplay for some feedback, need to know if I am hitting the right tempo) Scene 4: Beginnings [Camera focuses on bathroom door, noises of shower can be heard through it, there is a fleeting shadow passing the door, seconds later the bathroom door opens and...
  12. todd00009

    Sneak Peak at September 18th BestDeaths videos

    Some really good videos here... More DEAD BOYS CLUB killings... The RETURN OF CHAD AND JAKE! More HUNTER! and MORE BEST DEATHS!!!
  13. phyzzique

    Handsome 22 yo Acacio Loreno morto

  14. Tecpatl

    Boy sets up his own murder

    "I love you, bro," Mark told his younger friend as he plunged in the knife. "Mark did it once, stood up, holding me, did it again," the victim told police. "He was kneeling on me saying, 'Trust me,' holding the knife to my stomach…. There was blood coming out." Somehow or other, the boy added...
  15. S

    Cannibal stories

    Cannibal stories 1st story. A knock at the door. Here we go again ... - Come on in, Included boy , about fifteen years old in appearance, holds out a receipt. I read again, Rich Dima ordered the " boy - grill" . - Take off your clothes , Throws off the disposable cloths are designed only to...
  16. Meatpie

    Morgue in Syria after the chemical attack, insane pic

    Makeshift morgue in Syria can't take all the dead dudes. All men are barefoot. USA will strike in two weeks. We update regularly with exclusive photos you won't find on mainstream news websites. There is a separate morgue only for dead kids, also overflowing.
  17. lerano

    Short stupid stories about soldiers in my head+Photoshop

    Hi everybody, I need to tell you this story. I am private and I don’t have anyone to share my pain, that’s why I am here. My two friends are dead now. You can see them on this photo. Max (he is almost naked) and Roman. Max was gay. He was a good friend, and very kind guy. But you know not...
  18. Meatpie

    Adrien Anigo, son of Olympique Marseille's sporting director shot dead

    The adult son of French soccer club Olympique Marseille's sporting director was gunned down in the street on Thursday, police said, in the latest gangland-style killing in France's crime-ridden second city. The killings are drawing attention to the ruling Socialists traditionally weak...
  19. todd00009

    Want to see hot young naked guys stabbed?... you want Dead Boys Club!!!

    In this hot segment of the DEAD BOYS CLUB story, three hot college guys knock out, strip and STAB their room mate... Then a steamy shower between two naked boys ends up with one of them getting his throat slashed and stomaach another naked boy masturbates... Later the masturbating...
  20. phyzzique

    Bike Theft

    A Toronto man whose bike was stolen late last month stole it back — and taught the thief a lesson in the process. The bike was reportedly stolen on Aug. 21 from outside the victim's apartment, a pal said. Three days later, another friend spotted it locked up on a city street. That second friend...