1. drmngofmybhdng

    Longpig from NYC waiting to be beheaded, hanged or strangled.

    Longpig from NYC waiting to be beheaded, hanged or strangled. Contact me if you are nearby and want to help me. plumpandjuicy64 at ya hoo.
  2. O

    Russian guy shocked by electricity and drowned with his dog

    On July 5, the Russian guy in Shanghai was jogging with his dog. The dog stepped into a pool which happened to have a broken electricity wire in it. Seconds later, both the dog and the guy were twitching in the pool and no one can give them a hand until power was shut down several minutes later...
  3. K

    Anyone in Guangzhou China?

    Trying to find some people in the Guangzhou China with the same interest!Send to me a message:teddybear:
  4. phyzzique

    Handsome 26 yo Olympic swimmer

    Norwegian swimming champion Alexander Dale Oen has died in the US, aged 26, Norway's swimming federation says. He was found collapsed in a shower late on Monday after training in Flagstaff, Arizona, Norwegian media say. Officials said he had suffered a cardiac arrest. Emergency services arrived...
  5. W

    Have someone in China Shanghai want to play role with me?

    i like play "killer and dead body checking", i'm in shanghai China have got anyone want to play with me???
  6. J

    what happened to the naked dude

    what happened??
  7. Meatpie

    China's bubble is about to burst and when it does there will be pandemonium on Earth

    The New York Times: Chineese economy slowing rapidly, entire new neighbourhoods in Shanghai remain deserted Europe and the United States are bankrupt and doomed for years to come but when China's...
  8. S

    HD: full set of one Autoerotic asphyxia case

    I know this is not a new case, somehow no one posted the full set before.. and plus it's HD now.. enjoy
  9. Meatpie

    [IN PHOTOS] 2010 Shanghai apartment fire

    November 15th, Shanghai, China. A fire erupted, apparently within construction materials and scaffolding surrounding an occupied 30-story apartment building under renovation. The flames quickly spread to the building itself and soon engulfed the entire structure. Workers and residents...
  10. lvsoldier

    What nationality are you my friend?

    I'm Thai and you? I want to know what is nationality are you all. I love German Italian American and all nationality.
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