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  1. Meatpie

    Chest Opening During Autopsy

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    Autopsy video of Michael H. Hill in 1995

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    Old photos from Luigi Tomellini forensic photographer from Genoa in 1910s

    At the beginning of the 20th century, Luigi Tomellini worked as a forensic photographer in Genoa. His photographic plates were an essential tool for local police investigations at the time, but somehow they were lost after his death – and only recovered in the 1980s. The pictures are...
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    Morgue in China

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    European Morgue Collection

    Morgue photos from Europe are rare but our elite members have access to hundreds of uncensored high-resolution images of dead young European guys shared with us by forensic experts. Join our excluisve group and see the true beauty of forensic medicine in high-resolution photo sets.
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    Morgue and Autopsy Thanksgiving Special

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    Handsome hairy young man naked in morgue

    Super handsome and very hairy young guy killed in road accident goes to morgue. Full uncenosred set available in our Secret Room along with many other dead models naked in morgue.
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    Morgue in Sao Paulo

    Pic is so good it could be used as website logo. I am sure the repost whores over at DocumentingReality will love my new collection and will steal and repost everything in less than 24 hours on their repost forum.
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    Young Guys September Morgue Collection

    Just a small sample from our new morgue collection in the Secret Room, as always all images are ultra high resolution and there is no censorship or watermarks on photos. Dude was sweet in the face.
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    Summer 2015 Morgue Guys

    Fresh new collection summer 2015, completely uncensored young morgue guys in our Secret Room. HD videos also available.
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    Young man electrocuted in Norway [MORGUE PHOTOS]

    Photo from and old Norwegian atlas of forensic medicine.
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    Saturday Autopsy Mix

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    Friday 13 Morgue Guys

    Full sets in full resolution in our Secret Room. Lots of cold pale feet and tons of dead cock.
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    Young Woman Attacked and Eaten by Polar Bear in Siberia

    residents managed to shoot the hungry animal but it was too late for the woman who was completely shredded by the bear's sharp teeth.