1. todd00009

    Teen film makers tortured in their own movie

    This week DEAD BOYS CLUB concludes. If you haven't seen the underground classic necro-student film DEAD BOYS CLUB yet... this last segment is the piece to see. The Dead Boys Club boys are knocked out with gas, then wake up bound and tied in a torture chamber. See them writhe in pain as they are...
  2. todd00009

    Josh the Teen Nudist Strangled

    This is my new favorite BestDeaths actor... He's cute, but tough... He's Josh The Teen Nudist... In this video he shows how cocky he can be...he begs to be murdered... strangled... stabbed... Then He is chloroformed, stripped naked and strangled...(Its pretty hot!) More pictures and video...
  3. todd00009

    Western Style Shoot out and Strangulation

    To human like Deathbots are forced to battle it out in a Western style shoot out... then one gets knocked out with chloroform, stripped, strangled.... Lots of variety in this clip...
  4. todd00009

    Hot fitness jock knocked out, dragged, and strangled...

    This hot fitness jock is knocked out while taking a shower... his limp body dragged to a bed room, then strangled to death..... More pictures and video on BestDeaths...
  5. austinbow

    Harmless KO play in Los Angeles

    Greetings. Any SoCal residents into KO play? Looking for someone who enjoys pretending to be knocked out / play dead. Harmless fun :) PM me if interested, with your stats (age, height, weight).
  6. todd00009

    Young Doctor Strangled, then his death made to look like Erotic Aspyxiation accident

    In this video a young arrogant doctor is knocked out, and strangled... then the killer makes it look like the doctor accidently killed himself in an erotic asphyxiation accident.... More pictures and video at
  7. todd00009

    Hot Underwear Model Strangled to Death

    This hot underwear model is knocked out, stripped and strangled to death by his room mate... more pictures and video are on
  8. todd00009

    Watch cute young twink HUNTER is stripped and strangled to death

    Hunter is 18... as a long thin neck with a protruding adam's apple just begging to be squeezed... In this video he goes to a doctor's office, is knocked out and slowly stripped...then strangled manually by a crazed doctor. Hunter puts up a good fight... but not good enough....after death, his...
  9. todd00009

    Dumb Surfer Dude Strangled to Death

    Watch this hot California Surfer Dude knocked out, dragged to a bed and strangled to death....then his feet are fondled.... more pictures and video on
  10. todd00009

    Cute Deathbot Stan is knocked out and strangled again...

    Deathbots are human-like robots that you can kill again and again. Cute Deathbot Stan is killed again by his master. We are happy you are enjoying the "Deathbot Fantasy" videos... More pictures are available on --Todd BestDeaths film maker.
  11. jon_b


    Unidentified drunk man staggered down a busy road. The results can be seen here. He lies dead in the road totally mashed up - his jeans ripped off exposing his naked ass - after he was knocked down and then run over by several vehicles. He was of course declared dead at the scene. :dunno:
  12. J

    Cook knocked down bare footed with penis in erection

  13. L

    New Group : " Chained Male ... Defeated Heroes "

    Presenting my new group on Facebook : "LesMecs DeCokto " My new group about killed , destroyed ,murdered ,chloroformed ,passed out ,knocked out ... heroes .. in Movies ,Series ,Animation etc ... Everybody can upload his favourite scene Defeated Heroes Only My group on FACEBOOK : " Chained...
  14. L

    Smallville : Clark Kidnapped , Knocked out

    3 videos about Smallville :
  15. metalmachine

    Ricky Henderson KO

  16. C

    knockout drugs

    Anyone got access to real knockout drugs like they give in the hospitals? I have these fantasies of getting drugged up and knocked out and having my body taken advantage of on camera so I can watch it later. I want to do this at least once in my life. And if its just once I would like it to be a...