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    Asian looking for fun

    Hey, I see a lot of you got an fanstasm on asian. And is hard to find a person who got the same interest as me in my town. Just asking who are would like to play with my slim body. I didn't try a lot so it will be my first time. Learn me how to obey the master.
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    Daniel Ross facebook exposed

    This hairy ape is Daniel Ross, he lives in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. What do you think about him ? Wouldn't be fun to rape him under the threat of a gun, make him shoot a big load of fat cum all over his hairy body and then strangle him to death and let the pathetic piece of dead meat in front...
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    Anyone interested on hypnosis?

    Hello! I am a 21 yo hypnotist willing to find people interested on trying it. I am opened to just chat and meet new people as well. I preferably wanna find people around my age (20-30) and open minded. Feel free to send me a private message ! P.D. I have skype, and have done quite a lot of stuff...