1. J

    Anyone into Emasculation ?

    This sudden pleasure arose in me just over two years ago when i visited Thailand. I was accompanying my master at the time and he wanted me to witness something. It was a village somewhere to the north of the capital, I think it may even have been outside of Thailand, and we were taken there...
  2. S

    beheading chubby guy (my draw)

    give me some comments about it, thank you :)
  3. ukon

    Kamen Rider 000 killed

    This is my first attempt to start a thread , I guss there will be a few Hiccups,anhow here goes i think the series of pics is self explanatory regarding the story.
  4. JackDrago

    Castration / Penectomy video

    Found this on YouTube and it's SO intense: Total emasculation w/ castration and peniectomy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMbbXSvibrU&feature=share&list=PL95903FD552803913
  5. D

    Castrated but dead or suffering alive

    Hey guys, I'm new here. I'm 27 years old and I've been interested in emasculation fantasy, real and psychological, forever. I guess I want to throw the question out to you folks: do you find it more of a turn-on to see a hot guy be castrated and then killed or be allowed to live and suffer his...
  6. Katharsis

    Emasculation with acid

    Some nice poser art. I hope you like it. Free Image Hosting by imgbox.com
  7. K

    young willing 'victim' for online RP

    Need a young killer who'd finish me off by snuff on online RP in any way they enjoy. I personally like castration or emasculation, gutting, amputation, piss, scat, feet, etc. PM or message here for more details.
  8. C

    fire emasculation

    is anyone into emasculation by fire? ramming cock into white hot coal ashes, burning by raw flame, or?
  9. D

    Bi Perv Into Castration/Penectomy and Snuff

    Hi everyone. I am a 37 y/o bi perv with pretty much no limits on the things that get me boned. My favs are castration and penectomy but def love other stuff as well. Look forward to some hot chat, pics and vids!!!
  10. UNickMaker


    So who wants to be neutered tonight?
  11. Tiff

    Are there any castration videos?

    I love castration, it seems so hot to have a guy laying on a table legs sped and the doctor cutting in and pulling them out and snipping them out. are there any video out there that shows the procedure (good quality in full plz) :drool:
  12. UNickMaker

    Phone Castration

    Love to talk to hot guys who encourage me to use castration bands on my cock and balls and to leave them on for sometime. Also to tighten a vice around my nuts until they nearly pop. Poppers are used on my end. Also into hearing about all kinds of disgusting and socially condemned...
  13. UNickMaker


    Castration is the removal of the testicles while Emasculation is the removal of the penis and the testicles. Have a huge interest in the forced emasculation of guys for whatever reasons. Love to discuss this with others. I am pretty much a bottom in the midwest USA who loves to use castration...
  14. UNickMaker


    indy area man into kinky sex that involves castration. Also into rape by HIV+ man or men, hanging, suffocation, drowning, tied to rr tracks and raped knowing I might not be released in time........
  15. H

    Hey guys

    If some of you enjoyed in online chats about execution, please contact me. I prefer being a victim. love hangins Hangings: accepting or struggling guys, long suffering or dead already: it turns me on! Photos of hot guys in or out of bondage, alive or dead, you think would make excellent...
  16. S

    I can do whatever I want to you

  17. roger4

    Knife in action - Part 1

    My favorite roleplay (me as victim) - Part 1