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    Raid on Narco Camp in Mexico Leaves Two Dead Officers

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    Uncensored Shooting Video of New Mexico State Police Officer Darian Jarrott

    Darian Jarrott On February 4, 28-year-old patrolman Darian Jarrott initiated a traffic stop on a white pickup eastbound on Interstate 10 just east of Deming. Officer Jarrott asked the driver, identified as 39-year-old Omar Felix Cueva, to exit the vehicle. Cueva exited the driver’s side...
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    Young Policeman Shot Himself in the Head in Russia Police Station

    He left a suicide note.
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    33-year-old Russian Policeman Stabbed with Knife by Criminal

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    Policeman Murdered in Shootout with Cartel Members in Mexico

    This is just in from Mexico it's bloodbath near Acapulco where cartel members are battling policía acreditable one officer down many injured. Policia acreditable means accredited police system a very highly skilled and professional federal police force designated to deal with the violent drug...
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    23-year-old police officer shoots himself in the head at police station in Russia

    He left a suicide note with the following text: "Don't feel sad about me I hope I will do better in the afterlife."
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    Policeman killed by explosion during car chase in Dagestan

    Happened on March 30 in Dagestan. Police officer tried to stop a car for a check but driver was chechen rebel carrying explosive so he didn't stop and police gave chase. The explosive ignited and killed everyone in the car and ripped the policeman apart, his face completely torn off.
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    Police officer killed in motorcycle accident, entire arm ripped off