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    IN PHOTOS: Coldest Winter of the 20th Century in Europe and USA in 1929

    One of the coldest winters of the past century was the Winter of 1928/1929. It was especially cold in late January and February with temperatures reaching down to -36°C in central Europe. In the United States, January 1929 was also very cold especially in the northern states. The images are...
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    Strong Aftershocks Continue in Croatia after 6.4 Earthquake

    A series of powerful aftershocks have rocked central Croatia following a magnitude 6.4 earthquake on Tuesday. The new 4.8 and 4.7 magnitude tremors struck at around 06:15 local time (05:15 GMT) on Wednesday, causing further damage to buildings. They came as rescuers scoured the rubble in dozens...
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    5.5 Earthquake Strikes Zagreb Causing Damage and Injuries

    Scenes of significant material damage in the city centre of Zagreb today after an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 hit the Croatian capital. Several people were injured, according to the authorities. The epicentre of the earthquake was 7 km north of Zagreb, a city of 780,000 inhabitants, as...
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    Hey is there anybody from Croatia ?
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    Hey is there anybody from Croatia here
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    Croatian football player Bruno Boban dies at 26

    Bruno collapsed on the pitch during football game between Marsonia and Slavonia today. Paramedics were quickly on the scene but were unable to revive him. Witnesses say he was hit in the chest by the ball. The dead body of the model and athlete was taken to a morgue where he will be cut open...