1. Meatpie

    Man holding a ripped child on a street in Syria

    Father collapsed to the groun when he saw his kid torn apart.
  2. S


    Is it still possible to purchase Gay Snuff Movies (of a real kind,not comedy) if so would anyone be able to let me know from where,as I would be willing to buy quite a few.Must be able to view in the UK (Region 2)
  3. metalmachine

    Bear Crime and Comedy

    "Where the Bears Are" Looks funny!!
  4. T

    This Fetish

    I have seen these kind of scenes in tv, some of them are funny scenes too(comedy) but I like when a man grabs another man by the neck, and the grabbed man sticks his tongue out and cross his eyes while the grabbing man is looking at him. I also like how they change their faces, like in these...
  5. bawk

    Boy Eats Girl

    In the movie Boy Eats girl there is this amazingly hot scene where the main character is playing around with a noose and accidentally snaps his neck. ...I really wish they'd of shown the neck-snapping action. But it's still hot nonetheless. :hearthrob...
  6. sputnikoi

    My poems from my poetry book centered on necrophilia and cannibalism

    I need some help guys. Please tell me if you like this. I hope this get published as a book because no publisher I submitted it to liked the idea of my poetry... So I am doing my best to save and finance the printing. I need your support whatever they can be. My best unpublished work is about...
  7. verlup1

    Eduardo Rodriguez plays dead

    Wearing only sheer socks and boxer shorts!:drool: I've always wanted to see him play dead.
  8. B

    Gorgeous Hispanic Guy

    From the film "Chasing Papi".
  9. T

    Hello Everyone

    As my name suggests I like to wear extremely tight neckties, along with tight collars on my shirts etc. I love to be strangled with my ties and suffocated with plastic bags and so forth. Stumbled upon this site while surfing and Googling naughty? things, and thought I'd better introduce myself...
  10. metalmachine

    Someone know what film is it?

    I find thet GIF on the net. I suppose it's a black comedy. Someone know the title?
  11. metalmachine

    Los hombres de Paco 1x01 (Spanish serie)

  12. metalmachine

    Aida 6x07 "la familia mata" (Spanish serie)

  13. Q

    Man finds a dead boy
  14. T

    Muscular teen impaled through the head

    From the British teen horror/comedy 'Tormented' 2009. The victim is Tom hopper. Another hot blond guy gets it later in the film will try and find it. Here's the link:
  15. T


    Anyone know if there's any good tentacle deaths in any films? There's nothing like a hot muscular guy defenceless and getting fucked and eaten by tentacles.
  16. phyzzique

    Anti-gay rhetoric

    In the U.S.A. blacks can say what they want about whites or gays: Ugly fucker Tracy Morgan's 30 Rock costar, Tina Fey, is coming to her friend's defense after Morgan apologized for violent, anti-gay jokes he made during a stand-up routine in Nashville on June 3. Telling TMZ she is glad...
  17. PiercedChest

    Necro anticipation

    Great vid I found on the net. A young guy can't believe his luck as he gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live out his necro tendencies on the body of a bloke who just died. Superb acting, both high comedy and serious empathy (I think; not being necro myself I can't be sure). Nothing...
  18. P


    . :hearthrob: :heart love: :hearthrob: PARODY :load: :hearthrob: :heart love: :heart love: :hearthrob: It's a short comedy sketches with 4 naked boys were they dance and making people uncomfortable. It's kind of cool. :hot: :totally hot: BOYS BOYS BOYS...
  19. Beuen

    Drowning by numbers, Peter Greenaway movie

  20. metalmachine


    Charles de Gaulle --- --- Allways fucking our translations