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    Skype Chat

    If you want to add me on Skype for chat, then feel free to do so - I love strangling, it's my favourite fetish president_wtcmanchester (skype)
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    Victim looking for snuff chat

    Victim, 22 m, looking for someone to chat with about how they’d kill me Wickr: mcsp69 Kik: mcsp1994
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    Snuff chat

    victim here, looking for some guys to chat with Wickr: mcsp69 Kik: mcsp1994
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    search for German snuff friends here

    Hi sadistic guys, I be like to talk about sadistic awesome fun and imaginations with other german speaking guys. Like cbt, castration, execution, male cannibalism, and aztec heart removing too, be favorite slim guys. I be use a tablet only, and like to chat by Yahoo-messenger.
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    Online gunplay chat

    Active here. Looking to do cyber as assassin, spy, robber, solider, or cop popping the bad guys off. yahooid: kisermiser21