1. anonboy

    actor/model stud

    Joaquín Ferreira
  2. Meatpie

    25-year-old model and actor kills himself by metro train in Moscow

    25-year-old Efim Diachkov was a student at the Moscow Art Theatre. He was beautiful but unfortunately had no desire to live and decided to become a beautiful medical cadaver and give his body to the necros at the morgue. Along with his acting dude worked as a model. This is how his life ended...
  3. todd00009

    Josh the Teen Nudist Strangled

    This is my new favorite BestDeaths actor... He's cute, but tough... He's Josh The Teen Nudist... In this video he shows how cocky he can be...he begs to be murdered... strangled... stabbed... Then He is chloroformed, stripped naked and strangled...(Its pretty hot!) More pictures and video...
  4. todd00009

    Who wants to strangle Hunter?

    Our most popular actor is now young cute twink Hunter... He's a good actor, what do you think of his strangulations? This week he's playing a hot young fresh out of college executive intern.... I think he's pretty hot looking :)
  5. todd00009

    Which Actor do you want to see strangled naked?

    BestDeaths is producing a Halloween special video where a trick or treating young man is lured into a psychopath's house, who knocks him out, strips him and strangles him naked... Which actor would you most like to see in this scene? 1) Alex the Underwear Model? 2) Tim the Innocent Student 3)...
  6. todd00009

    Cute Teen Actor TREVOR is strangled by the Masked Strangler

    Cute and popular, this 18 year old teen actor, Trevor feels the grip of the Masked Strangler in his newest video... more pictures and video here:
  7. phyzzique

    Banditskiy Peterburg: Arestant

    This is from a Russian TV film with the late handsome actor Alexsey Osipov Pics of Alexsey when alive and his closed casket because he was found six months after he drowned
  8. todd00009

    Old Western Style Shoot out...

    An Old Western Style shootout is re created by two battling Deathbots ....
  9. higladius


    Good action movie with Sly Stallone, yes a lot are killed with a bullet to the head...plenty of killings. HIGLADIUS
  10. todd00009

    SNeak Peak at BestDeaths videos September 25th, 2013

    Some good stuff coming up... The premiere of KT's first short film YOU CAN'T KILL WHAT WON'T DIE... More Teen Actor Trevor... More Dead Boys Club... Deathbots shoot it out in old Western scenario... and more......
  11. todd00009

    Meet KT and watch him die...

    KT is BestDeath's newest actor. He comes off as a cocky bad ass with a real "fuck you" attitude... We killed him on camera many times, and he kept on coming back for more.... Hope you like him... Watch his extended and uncut naked introduction on BestDeaths this week... His intro includes...
  12. todd00009

    Montage of Death Clips from BestDeaths Sept. 11, 2013

    This week features the intro to new BestDeaths Actor "KT" (A real bad ass begging to be killed)... More of cute boy Deathbot "Jay"... Strangulation of twink underwear model... Plus more hot action in the continuation of the underground film DEAD BOYS CLUB... And much more....
  13. Meatpie

    Actor Nick Robinson is the next James Franco

    Stills from the movie "The Kings of Summer" (2013).
  14. todd00009

    Chad and Jake in TROPHIES - Free Trailer on youtube

    Here is the link to the new free teaser (Trailer) for the short film TROPHIES starring Chad and Jake and Ed X as the deranged killer.... The uncut version of TROPHIES can be purchased here:
  15. todd00009

    Who wants to see this new BestDeaths actor killed? (and how?)

    Hey "KT", BestDeath's newest model... What do you think? You like him? His videos start playing next week....starting with a long naked strangle....
  16. Meatpie

    Porn actor Rod Daily announces on twitter that he is HIV-positive

    Hottie model: Rod says he doesn't believe he is going to die any time soon.
  17. todd00009

    Who wants to strangle a teenage nudist

    In this new video, a hot young and smooth teenage nudist is chloroformed and strangled by his angry room mate who is sick of seeing him naked all the time.... This video is HOT!!!!! More pictures and video are on
  18. higladius

    Actor slept in caves for necrophilia film Higladius
  19. Meatpie

    Fit porn actor

  20. todd00009

    Montage of BestDeaths videos 8.21-13

    Some great videos this week: We are happy to introduce our newest BestDeaths actor: Hunter...his first video is a preview of "many deaths"... plus he is manually strangled... you'll be seeing more of him in the coming months.... For people who want to see a few young guys beat the shit out of...