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  • Hey man, my name pretty much says it all... I want my face to be blue for LONG time. I have VERY few limitations so if ur interested in choking me, hit me up here or on yahoo (nirvanafan201) I'm really easy going and LOVE to be choked as much as possible!
    I too love the idea of a guy knocked out and helpless against what ever forces want to do to him. Maybe he wakes up as a eunuch?
    Hey bro! I'm a 26 m from NYC who LOVES to be strangled as much as possible. If you wanna meet up and choke the hell outta me or even just talk about it, message me on yahoo - nirvanafan201
    Love to see hot guys knocked out and drowned.helpless peril underwater is a big turn on. Anyone got links to vids of them/
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