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    How much would you risk

    Dern and I only have $9,999,999.00 to offer you.
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    perppetual sucking of a cock.......

    With a gimp tied down to a table, a smiling tube can be strapped to his cock. The only way it stops is when his Mistress or Master says it stops. Imagine his mind breaking and his sanity vanishing as orgasm after orgasm rocks his world. Soon, every 'gasm will be dry - his dick will start to...
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    What a shitty world!

    Every time you take a big wet sloppy dump, you are exposed to scat. Every time you check the toilet paper to see if it still has a brown streak on it, you are exposed to scat. TLDR: Shit happens.
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    Voluntary Adult Circumcision in Africa

    UniCirc Global is a circumcision device being used in Africa for VMMC (Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision). The entire endeavor is twisted beyond all fucked up. A condom alone reduces HIV transmission to zero. However, purely to make money, UniCirc and PrePex both make VMMC devices that...
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    The Taxidermist Sequel

    A Sequel to "The Taxidermist" by RC --- I like "The Taxidermist" by RC so much I wrote a sequel to it. If you haven't read the original story it is in this section. --- Officer Ryan Knapp slammed the rear car door. The driver that had run the stop sign was secured in the back of his cruiser...
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    Gay Dominant Sadistic Top

    Introduction Just a quick introduction. I'm a Gay, Male, Dominant, Top with a Sadistic Streak. So, you know, your average nice guy. Interests include: Castration Penectomy Circumcision (especially Adult Circs done under duress) Bondage Spanking Long Term Stress Positions Body Modification...