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    Merry Christmas from Todd: Here's a free video!

    From the upcoming Guerilla Thrilla/THR feature: PSYCHO SISTERS: POSSESSED... Here's a free extended preview: Todd and Dr. Lawrence www.gumroad/thrpro#
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    cute jock castrated in new movie

    New from Guerilla Thrilla and The Lawrence Psychiatric Institute ... PSYCHO SISTERS: POSSESSED! Starring a new cast of young actors including LUKE the JOCK...... FEATURE LENGTH MOVIE COMING IN 2019!
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    New Gacy Meets Corll movie coming soon - see teaser

    Our new movie "THE KILLER CLOWN MEETS THE CANDY MAN" aka Gacy Meets Corll is coming in 2019. You can download some previews from it on But here's a trailer for the movie: Please LIKE and FOLLOW the movie's facebook page for pictures, free previews and updates...
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    Free Preview of Todd's new movie about JOHN GACY and DEAN CORLL

    Hey, we've been working on a new project for the past six months... FINALLY a movie that SHOWS THE MURDERS! CHECK OUT THIS FREE PREVIEW BY Dr. LAWRENCE: For a limited time we have access to some EXTENDED, ALTERNATE and DELETED SCENES from the movie showing...
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    New Guerilla Thilla filck

    Hello... A brand new "Holiday Themed" Guerilla Thrilla movie was just released... Here is the trailer... Expect LOTS of cute guys being offed by ROTTEN women (and men)... This one features young teenage actors. There is no nudity or sexual...
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    Dying for your SINS

    "SINS"... a new movie from "Dr. Lawrence" involves a priest who murders guys for the simple sins they commit...
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    A Preview of the feature film SINS - about a psychopathic priest who murders all "sinners"... In this highly anticipated segment two jocks obsessing over a new hot car are deemed GUILTY of PRIDE AND ENVY...and are HUNG BY THEIR NECKS UNTIL DEAD!!!!!
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    My favorite teenager Derek (just turned 18) goes to a Demented Doctor for a school physical, and ends up at the neighborhood MORGUE!
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    This unfortunate teenager dies THIRTEEN deaths in "Derek's THIRTEEN NIGHTMARES"... Deaths include: Hanging, strangled, stabbed, shot, drowned, burned, eaten alive by bugs, eaten by a blanket, tickled to death, impaled, gutted, heart ripped out, poisoned, gassed... It's a cool new three part...
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    Hunk bound, gagged and strangled

    Check out the new movie featuring "The Cutter" - who captures a hot fitness model, knocks him out, bounds and gags him and strangles him... available for download here:
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    Vintage GUERILLA THRILLA MOVIE FOUND - check out L O N G trailer...

    Just in time for the holidays... this LOST Guerilla Thrilla movie has just been unearthed... It's definitely VINTAGE Guerilla Thrilla... THE PSYCHO SOLE SISTERS SLAY RIDE... Check out this L O N G trailer.... The epic two and a half hour movie can be purchased as for a...
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    Strangling Pizza Boys

    "Pizza Boys are fun to kill" -- Gerry the Psychopath They are young, cute and make easy prey...the challenge is getting rid of the might as well keep them around for a while... College Gerry and old Gerry the psychopath... at it again...
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    The DRUNK JOCKS pay a visit to the MORGUE

    Hey... sorry, the LawrencePsychiatricInstitute Youtube has been destroyed by rebellious psychopaths... We are looking for a new home... MEANWHILE.... Here's something some people may enjoy... The Infamous "DRUNK JOCKS" some how ended up in a DEMENTED DOCTOR'S MORGUE LABORATORY...
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    MORE DRUNK JOCKS coming soon.......
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    A Strangler's Point of View

    Here's something some of you may enjoy... A video shot almost entirely from the KILLER'S POINT OF VIEW... Watch him stalk his hot victim... overpower him, seduce and strip him... then strangle him to death!.... The VERY HOT, uncut version can be purchased here:
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