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    A dead chinese

    Bite the feet
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    Sockless collections

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    Sockless collections

    More dead boys wearing sneakers without socks to come! ♥️
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    Extremely Cute Young Man Hanging Suicide

    Cute handsome man. Love to take this home and make a play with him especially kissing his feet and bite his dick!
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    Sockless collections

    "Life is short death is forever" eventhough their body is already lifeless, the sneakers still on their barely feet. Love to remove those sneakers slowly on their sweaty feet, smell it and kiss those fingers one by one and lick it like an ice cream. Yum yum yum! Also love to play their body and...
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    Sockless collections

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    Sockless collections

    Another batch.
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    Sockless collections

    Wish that I am on this scene and give chance to remove the shoes and devour the feet of this guy. Yum yum!
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    Sockless collections

    Another batch of Dead guys who still wear sneakers without socks. Love to remove the shoes and lick the toes of their feet.
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    Sockless collections

    Another dead guy
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    Sockless collections

    Dead guys who still wear sneakers without socks
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    Beheaded Motorbiker after Accident

    Do you have link of these pictures?
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    Handsome guy shot dead and he still wearing Nike shoes

    He is Raul Vinicius Ortigoza de Camargo, 18 years of age shot dead last October 22, 2018 around 9:00 pm and he still wearing blue Nike sneakers without socks. I wish I can lick his fingers and also smell his fuckable feet.
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    18-year-old Murdered by Friend after Fight over a Girl in Russia

    Love to remove the shoes and lick his toes and kiss his feet.
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    Tall and Athletic Young Man Cut in Two by Train in Russia

    Love to carry his half body and bring it to my home. I am going to remove the pants and eat his cum and also remove his shoes and devour his fucking feet