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    Dead Girls

    We could even hang ourselves at the same time. Our naked dead bodies swinging side by side ...
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    Naked hostages about to be killed.

    I love the little cock of the first guy on the left. Probably now it’s a little rotten cock ... 😋 mmm
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    Dead Girls

    I’d love to die with you ...
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    Naked hostages about to be killed.

    I’m aroused thinking they’re going to become dead flesh. Wish to play with their cocks before and after.
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    Dick cutted collection

    So nice! 😘
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    Dead Girls

    I like to think that this body is rotting now in the grave. Luv the thought of bugs through the hair of her dead pussy ... Luv the thought I'll look the same when it will be my turn :cool1:
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    Snuff someone

    Would you do it to a female?
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    Chinese 30 years old handsome man

    Yup, I’d wish to handle his dead body...
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    Chinese male 3

    Mmmmmmm. Gimmie that small dead cock, plz 🤪
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    Dead Girls

    Omg, she was really hairy 😱.
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    Dead Girls

    Surely, and it will never become an old and ugly pussy: gone still young and nice, the best that can happen.
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    Dead Girls

    I’d like to have a last pic like that when I’ll be on the slab 🙂. Actually, it won’t be identical, coze I‘m not shaved that way ... 😉
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    Aged female ready to become a nice corpse

    Anybody into an aged female like me? I'd whish to play dead with nice guys but, if I meet the right one, I will go further, that means fantasy could turn into reality... Being a bit tired of my life and ready to go, I could even decide to hang myself. It would be wonderful to do it being helped...