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    take a 100 pound weight and drop it onto the tops of the dudes feet, his feet will swell up and become very fat within 30 mins, in addition to breaking virtually every bones in his feet, when his feet are fat and swollen take your scalpel and cut off the swelled sole, bite out a chunk and in a...
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    Caleb's Bar And Grill

    my ENTREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Caleb's Bar And Grill

    squirming? how erotic and tasty!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Birth of a Killer = Death of a Killer

    very well done, and horny written material! love it!!!!!!!!!
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    Caleb's Bar And Grill

    whats the blue plate special? what? whats that you say waiter, filet of sole? i'll take four, 3 to go please!
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    The Barefoot Fetish of Gaius Antonius

    im so fucking horny now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Gaius vs Marcellus in a Barefoot Contest

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    im so sorry for being such a narcistic asshole, but..................... i had 9 dudes and 3 bitches , YUCK! hahah.......... try to pick me up over the weekend and i look at myself and i just have to admit.......... i AM one hell of a hot studly greek man,,,,,,,, i have to ask u all...
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    Final Naked Battle

    very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Gay Serial-Killer Cannibals

    great book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    For those of you who don't want a living sex toy to become totally lobotomized with the boiling water trick, there's yet another trick that can be used. Simply give your man of choice a good dose of one of the paralytic drugs that are available. This will not only bring his heartrate and...
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    Young Man Treated in ER Naked After Gang Shootout

    i love him!!!!!!! especially the feet! im stickey rickey not pickey stickey rickey!
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    to make your man into a foot doll, drill one hole with a 3/4th inch drill bit into his frontal lobe and pour simple boiling water into it, it will damage the brain tissue and make it hypertrophic just enough to control him but it wont kill him. he can still enjoy his cock being sucked and cum...
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    CDG Getting Chopped

    his feet jump like my cock does!