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    My Russian Dreams Continue into the New Year

    Also for me Russian boys are amazing! I had know one 2 years ago, amazing body:drool:
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    A Lot of Dead Men in Venezuela - Sorry for watermarks

    Venezuela's men are amazing!!!:winner:
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    Chirstmas Sale

    Hi Meatpie! Please send me details for this offer and also price for one month Thank you!! :)
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    New Morgue Boy

    mmmm mouth open to kiss and fuck!:aha:
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    Elite Membership

    Hi Meatpie! Gorgeous finding of the policeman, can you let me know for secret room again? Thanks!
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    Covid-19 Security: Corpse Desinfection

    Amazing! Why they didn't strip him naked to disinfect well?
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    Sleeping Buddy

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    Thief killed by police brazil

    Beautiful photos and gorgeous dudes! I'd fuck them all!!!:load:
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    28 year dude died in the pool in Milan, Italy

    The floating lifeless body of a 28-year-old was found tonight in a swimming pool in Milan The boy would have climbed over the fence for a night swim ended badly The police state that the body has no signs of violence and was wearing only briefs Autopsy will be performed next Monday ... it...