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    Naked Male Execution Play Video

    Group of naked guys playing a execution game lots of flopping dicks in this one as they react to machine-gun fire. Sample pictures with link below for video, Video link:
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    Autopsy of Male Genitalia

    Dialog is in english as a body of a male is sliced from the inside to remove the testes.
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    Some Necrodude pictures most are bodies in morgue.
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    Morgue Visits

    Bodies laying or stacked in morgues, both male and female.
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    Makeshift morgue and one getting hosed.

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    Necrodude Video "DOA"

    This is make-believe guy on morgue table is played with by a girl.
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    Necrodudes Friends and admirers

    Random still.
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    Autopsy of Yong Woman

    Woman has all her organs taken out at one time her body is treated rough.
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    Postmortem Penis Erection

    I've seen a few questions about this condition so I'm posting a report I did a while back. Postmortem male penis movement, a/k/a Penis snaking Is it true, or just a nurse’s tale? Like any tale or legend, there is always a certain amount of truth within them. I have witnessed this phenomenon...
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    Dead Girls

    I agree with you Meatpie a little diversity is always good. Some of us like looking at dead girls for a change-up
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    Spit roasting a guy

    A good animation, play it with a player that can loop the video and the spit keeps turning til you get tired of looking.
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    MorbidTech-Wes Owens

    I have several of these and seems like members are looking for them.
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    Morgue photosession

    Would like to see his tool!