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    3 Dead Robbers (Before and After Faces)

    Thats hot seeing alive and dead together. Thanks.
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    Major Design Changes 2020

    The new site is great. Love it. Thanks for doing this.
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    My last 69

    My last sixty-nine Our killer snuck quietly into the room and saw us knocked out on the bed. We both looked hot laying naked together on the bed. Our killer, a hot young guy we had picked up for a threesome the night before, must have drugged our drinks. At first, I was too groggy and wasn’t...
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    I have set my death date

    I had a marvelous realization the other night. After years of necro fantasies, I came to the realization that there will come a time when I choose to die. Hopefully this site will still be active. When I am ready to become a real corpse, I want someone to enjoy my death, and to be able to...
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    Visiting Toronto in August

    Anyone want to do some roleplay? Open to a variety of things.
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    Puerto vallarta

    Looking for someone interested in PV Mexico.
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    Penis Collection No comment....
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    Vancouver in October

    Very interested in meeting up with a guy for dead role play when visiting Vancouver BC area in October.
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    Looking to play dead in Halifax Canada

    Anybody alive there wanting to play with my " corpse"
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    My corpse

    Posted this Adam album, then it disappeared, so here I am.
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    A little fantasy play

    Two guys snuffed with pillows.
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    Ottawa, ON in December

    I will be in Ottawa for a week in December. Would love to find somebody who wanted to have me play dead for them.. Or, somebody who wanted to play dead for me...
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    Forum Members Playing Dead

    Here I am dead. Hope you like
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    Visiting Washington DC

    I will be visiting DC in March. Would like to find someone there who would like to do some roleplay...
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    ottawa canada

    Anyone into play dead near ottawa?