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    funny in my opinion, the clip .... :-)

    Of course, it is a pity that in the clip of the dead plays a man of older age, rather than a young, young guy. However, it does not look bad enough ... do you think !? :-)
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    ))) funny music

    I propose to look, in my opinion, a funny video ... I wish everyone a pleasant mood!
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    Museum exhibit....

    The amputated foot of a Wehrmacht soldier is on display at the new special exhibition 'Stalingrad' at the Bundeswehr Military History Museum in Dresden, Germany, 14 December 2012. The exhibition will open on 15 December 2012 and take a look at the battle of Stalingrad from a German and Russian...
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    My little "Necro" collection ... :-)

    Here is my small collection. I would be glad if someone or it would like. I wish everyone all the best.
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    Severed foot male.

    Here, he found a photo with a cute male foot. It is a pity that it is impossible to consider all the details .... But I hope these photos to anyone will be able to enjoy .... I wish you all the best.
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    La Morgue

    In my opinion, a funny video "La Morgue", I liked it ... I want to offer it to your attention ... maybe someone will like it too.
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    My small mix ....

    That's my little mix of photos ... I hope maybe someone will like.:wink:
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    My small collection of screenshots from various movies.

    I sometimes come across on the Internet a variety of screenshots from the movies, where there are moments where the guys can see the body, their feet scenes with dead guys, etc. I just want to share what I have with all the users of the site. Perhaps these photos, or someone like them, I'll be...
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    a drowned corpse

    Wow. Wonderful photo. Dear vrahounek, you have a great imagination, and you are very happy that your friend and partner fully shares your hobbies and agrees to such great photo session. He has a great body and foot .... Thank you for showing such great pictures. I wish you all the best and...
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    From my collection ... :-)

    Some photos from my collection ... :-)
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    Fantasy "Rammstein".

    Here are the imagination came up with the group "Rammstein" for registration of their albums ....[/URL] [/IMG]
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    My Fetish "Feet on the table" .... :-)

    I have a new fetish, this kind of legs on the table. When businessmen and guys just bullied his feet on the table for recreation ... basically do Americans or Western businessmen. I like that and drives. I want to share my collection has .... :-)