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    Italian Banking Executive David Rossi Autopsy Photos

    More pics here, + MPS/foto autopsia/
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    CDG autopsy screenshot

    here you are
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    male autopsy

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    Male Autopsy (repost)

    Yeah~Open your mouth. Soooo fucking hot.
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    Dead Chinese (repost)

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    Morgue photo of Ronnie Smith, American Teacher Killed in Benghazi

    Not authorized to download the video...tried three different browsers, just don't work.Anyone can repost?
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    Caishikou Execution in Peking

    Thanks for offering this info, looks amazing!
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    The first publicly executed member of the Communist Party of Vietnam

    Terrorist? Hero? Nationalist? Activist of anti-American imperialism? NO, NO, NO. He is just a CDG in my eyes.
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    Caishikou Execution in Peking

    Find this pic from when doing my research. Just wondering who are these good-looking guys. They are possibly the "underground members " of the Chinese Communist Party. The left guy is my superstar.
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    Taiwanese fitness instructor kills his girlfriend and then hangs himself to death

    Hate mosaic...Based on the local news report, his body has been delivered to a local autopsy room.
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    Hong Kong fitness instructor

    He falls to death from the 12th floor while taking pics. Hot body in blood, ready for morgue I guess.
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    Autopsia 1973 (clip)

    Cannot find the whole film yet:oops1:
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    Fresh CDG's body (repost)

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    Some Chinese dead guys